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Attention: Blu-Ray Collectors and Movie Junkies

region free blu-rayAre you an obsessive compulsive Blu-Ray Disc collector who just can't seem to get enough? Maybe you're a hardcore movie junkie with an international knack for good films who just happens to own a Blu-Ray Player? In either case, we have some excellent news for you; for the both of you.
For the OCD Blu-Ray Disc Detective: While you may think you've purchased every Blu-Ray Disc available today in North America; while you've scoured the local store shelves and relentlessly searched the internet looking for the lates release or that "oldie but goodie" to supplement your pristine collection - there's likely something you're forgetting.
For the Sofa-Ridden Film Afficianado: Although your impeccable tastes for quality filmography and rare cinema have led you to the deepest darkest corners of the internet in search of new downloads; Even though you thought you've attained a new level of acheivement by discovering an underground streaming video network where you watched the very first episode (and only copy in the world) of The Three Stooges that have been dubbed with Korean voice-overs... There's likely something you're forgetting as well.
"What is it?", you ask.
It's called a Region-Free Blu-Ray Player. Also known as a Multi-Region or Code-Free Blu-Ray Player, these convenient marvels of modern day technology allow playback of Blu-Ray Discs and DVD's manufactured from anywhere around the world.
"What do you mean?", you ask while scratching your head.
Well, contrary to popular belief (possibly due to a lack of interest or maybe because the ingenious idea just never crossed you mind), you can't simply take a Blu-Ray Disc purchased during a business vacation in Hong Kong back to the USA and pop it into the Blu-Ray Player at home. Well, actually you CAN pop it into the Blu-Ray Player but the problem remains that it isn't going to play.
"Oh, I see, it's because they speak a different language, right?"
No, language has absolutely nothing to do with it. The real reason the Blu-Ray Disc won't work in your player is because during the manufacturing process, the disc was enbedded with what's known as a "region code". A region code is an additional chunk of data that's been attached to the the original content of the disc. In turn, the disc player itself has been pre-programmed to recognize and play only those discs that are embedded with the codes originating from that specific region. For example, Blu-Ray Players purchased in North America can only play Blu-Ray Discs purchased in North America since the North American player has software that will only recognize and play a disc embedded with the North American region code (Region Code "A"). Additionally, things work the same way in the Europe/Africa/Australia/New Zealand areas (Region Code "B") and respectively for the Asia/China/Russia areas (Region Code "C"). Blu-Ray Discs from a specific region can only be played from a Blu-Ray Player from within the same region.
Now that you have all the information together, let's see if you (Mr. Disc Buyer) and you (Mr. Film Freak) can put the clues together - do you understand why this article is directed at the both of you?
The Region-Free Blu-Ray player dramatically benefits you both! Think about it...
For the Disc Collector: Nothing could be more exciting than stumbling upon up a whole new world of Blu-Ray Discs to purchase, right? Especially ones that none of your friends have. Although you may not speak German, I highly doubt you'd be able to pass up an alternative language version of your favorite film, right? I mean c'mon... even the text on the cover is in German! But hey, it's not just about language. There's plenty of interesting titles from Europe that you've never heard of, but the good news is that YOU CAN BUY THEM! Better yet, you can even watch them!! Well, as soon as you get yourself a Multi-Region Blu-Ray Player. You might just end up turning into a film afficianado, like Mr. Movie freak here.
For The Filmophile: I think you already understand. A Multi-Region Blu-Ray Player will allow you purchase unique, interesting, and very, very rare films from overseas and around the globe. The versions you can't get in the US. The versions where the ending was completely different due to political or religious reasons. The version that isn't the real version, but a Romanian replica version of the same movie with different actors and a different landscape. The possibilities are endless! And think about it, now you can actually own physical copies the best films ever produced, in the flawlessly high quality format of Blu-Ray! This means no need for streaming video via a remote server in Serbia to watch a low quality copy of that banned film you can't find in the US. Go to Google and order it from overseas! Order one from each country if you'd like! Who knows, you might just end up making impulsive disc purchases, like Mr. Disc Buyer there.
I'd like to mention to the both of you, that while all the focus here has been directed at Blu-Ray Discs, there is one final little bit of additional information for you. Multi-Region Blu-Ray Players also play DVD's from any region in the world! Yes, it actually doubles as a Multi-Region DVD player.
All in all, the world of geographical restrictions, language barriers, and movie-playing power has just been blown wide open for you to explore. I know, it's pretty intense - so take a deep breath, stand up, and go pour yourself a drink. When you sit back down wondering where you'll begin your search for foreign Blu-Ray and DVD's, don't forget that you need to buy a Multi-Region Blu-Ray Player first.
P.S. - We also have certain models of Multi-Region Blu-Ray Players that operate on both 110 and 220 volt standard power supply's. So, not only can you watch movies from another country, you can actually watch them in another country.
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