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  • Voltage Converters for Russia

    voltage converters for russiaRussia is an amazing and very under-rated place to visit. Whether you're there to live, travel abroad, or stay for an extended period, it's important that you know some of the basics of living in Russia. One of the most important things to understand - especially for North American native who plan to stay in Russia - is that Russia uses 220 volt electricity. Russian electronics and appliances are designed specially for 220-volt use.
    If you were to bring along electronics from North America during your visit to Russia, those electronics wouldn't be compatible. In fact, your devices will be quickly damaged by the higher voltage which is almost double of the 120 volts used in North America. To prevent your devices from breaking, burning, melting, or causing dangerous electrical shock, you'll need to have a voltage converter for Russia.
    What is a Voltage Converter for Russia?
    A voltage converter for Russia is a simple and safe device that coverts/transforms the voltage down from 220 volts to 120 volts, allowing you to safely and efectively use your North American electronics (or electronics from any other 120-volt country). All you do is plug the converter into a wall outlet, and then plug your devices directly into the converter. It's simple, safe, and it doesn't cost a lot of money.
    What Type of Voltage Converter do I Need?
    There are many types and sizes of voltage converters for Russia. Some are simple and used for small devices from 100 to 500 watts, while others are available for electronics and appliances up to 10,000 watts. The size and style of converter you'll need depends on the application and how many watts your electronics and appliances use. There are also converters with built-in voltage regulators which are best used for computers and expensive, sensitive electronics. Voltage converters with regulators prevent issues in areas with unstable electricity, frequent power outages, and powerful weather systems that can often knock out power or cause unsafe surges in voltage. To be sure you're getting the exact style and size of voltage converter that you need, visit our voltage converter buying guide today.
    Where Can I Buy a Voltage Converter for Russia?
    Voltage converters can be purchased from a variety of retailers and online stores, but not all products are the same. Additionally, not all retailers understand the details and technical aspects of proper voltage converter use. Your best bet is to make your purchase from a professional electronics store or someone who specializes in electronics and appliances for overseas use. At 220 Electronics, we carry a huge inventory of voltage converters for any application you can imagine. Whether you need to power a TV or all the appliances in your home, we have affordable and effective products that will get the job done. Furthermore, we have converters with a 5-year warranty. No matter what you need, we can help and our experienced staff is always ready to help with any questions you may have.
    With over 35 years of experience in international electronics, we're leaders in our industry. We guarantee the lowest prices anywhere and offer an amazing selection of the top brand names. Join our thousands of satisfied customers today and shop online with confidence, only at 220 Electronics.

  • Power X Changer X-15: The Ultimate in Home Audio Power Regulation

    Power X Changer X-15 voltage converterAs specialists in the world of international electronics and appliances we also know a lot about voltage converters. Our classic model of voltage converters have been very popular; we’ve sold thousands of them to a very large base of global customers spanning from travelers and families, to large businesses and government agencies including GE, Intel, Microsoft, Boeing, NASA, US Navy, Northrop Grumman, and many more. However, today we would like to talk about a new type of voltage converter we’re carrying - the Power X Changer X-15 Voltage Converter. Different from the average converter used to power a blender or hair dryer when traveling overseas, this one is intended to be used right here at home.
    The Power X Changer X-15 is the worlds most powerful and portable voltage & frequency converter. It can be used for anything, but is generally designed (and preferred) for home audio use. This converter comes equipped with thermal protection, surge protection, advanced voltage regulation, LCD display, LED status indicator, and a clean sophisticated appearance. All of these features are compacted into a package the size of your typical amplifier or gaming console. The unit features detachable legs, a wall mounting kit, and an Xchange Extension Outlet which allow the X-15 to be placed or mounted practically anywhere in your home, up to 6 feet away from the appliance it’s powering. It's available in white or black, making it even easier to blend in with its surroundings while matching the look and feel of your home or garage.
    Perfect for high-performance audio, this voltage converter can be used as a re-generator with power factor correction. It's an excellent choice for the safe, secure, and reliable powering of high-end audio equipment. The X-10 delivers up to 1800 watts of continuous power at over 92% efficiency with less than 3% harmonic distortion, and 120v/60hz output with fluctuation below 2%. It features an extremely clean output with no change in amplitude, allowing your audio equipment to function flawlessly each and every time, even for extended periods of high-output.
    The case of the X-15 provides durable protection against humidity and dust, protecting the sealed solid-state electronics to ensure reliability and a long lifespan. An external cooling fan automatically cools the interior electronics whenever the load exceed 15 amps, or when environmental factors exceed the unit’s recommended operating temperatures. The built-in advanced voltage regulation is another important feature which fully protects your expensive and sensitive audio equipment against power surges and irregularities. This includes under-input as low as 180Vac and over-input up to 265Vac. If the unit ever overloads, short circuits, or exceeds a certain temperature, an audible alarm will sound to notify you. Additionally, an external LED provides visual notifications and temperature status on the display screen.
    If you are interested in one of the most versatile, powerful, and capable voltage converters on the market - you need to take a closer look at the Power X Changer X-15. It has an unmatched list of features to guarantee the best performance and functionality available today. Learn more about the X-15 right now on our website. You can see all the important details and specifications, plus browse the other Power X Changer models and order your own today. If you're serious about home audio, this is one product that you can't afford to miss.

  • Voltage Converters for the U.A.E.

    voltage converters for the UAEThe United Arab Emirates is an interesting and rapidly growing country. As an infrastructural powerhouse and a highly developed economy of real estate, finance and tourism, there are many people who are relocating to the UAE - and especially to Dubai - to pursue their careers. In fact, the majority of people in Dubai are expatriates from other countries and regions.
    If you're heading to the UAE from North America, it's important to know about the difference in voltage. In the US and Canada, the standard voltage is 120 volts. In the Emirates, the standard voltage is 220 volts. Let's take a look at what this means.
    Your Electronics Are Not Compatible
    With the exception of your laptop (which generally are designed with 110-240 power supplies), your personal electronics purchased in North America are not compatible with the 220 volt electricity in the UAE, and attempting to use them can cause damage to the devices, fire, and even electrical shock. This means that your hairdryer, electric razor, sound bar, Blu-ray player, TV, and espresso machine cannot be used because they were manufactured only for use with 120 volts in the country where they were purchased. The higher voltage can literally melt and burn your electronics and electrical appliances.
    There Is A Simple Solution
    Surely, there are some things you'll plan to buy new in the UAE, but it's not necessary to consider all your appliances and electronics to be useless over there. In fact, you can take them with you and use them very safely with the help of a voltage converter for the UAE.
    How Does It Work?
    A voltage converter transforms the voltage from 220 volts down to 120 volts, or vice-versa. You plug the device into the wall outlet, and the device itself has its own outlets where you then plug your electronics and appliances. The converter changes the voltage from the outlet down to 120 volts - the normal operating voltage for your devices - and allows you to easily and safely use whatever kind of appliance or electronic you'd like.
    How Much Does A Voltage Converter for the UAE Cost?
    Voltage converters for the UAE can vary widely when it comes to pricing. The reason for this is because they're available in different wattages, depending on your needs. While a 500-watt voltage converter may be sufficient for a TV and Blu-ray player, it won't be powerful enough to handle the electrical load of a 900-watt blender, or a 1,800-watt washer/dryer. The sizes vary from 500 to 10,000 watts and can accommodate an array of electronics and appliances in any home or office. For more information about voltage converters for the UAE, see our Voltage Converter Buying Guide. It will help you answer all your questions and allow you to find exactly what you need for your travel or relocation to the United Arab Emirates.

  • Power X Changer Voltage and Frequency Converters

    power x changer voltage and frequency convertersAs specialists in international relocation and electronics, we're proud to announce the addition of the Power X Changer brand to our lineup of voltage converters. Power X Changer Voltage and Frequency Converters are powerful, sophisticated, and feature a sleek and flexible design for easily mounting them out of view. They are slim, lightweight, and much more discreet than traditional voltage converters.
    Power X Changer Voltage and Frequency Converters are available in various sizes and models, from 600-watts with 5-amps up to an impressive 1,800-watts with 15-amps of power. These units are designed to deliver a constant and regulated 120-volt output at 60hz. They feature continuous power, thermal protection to ensure safety, and an external cooling fan to reduce heat and expand the life of the unit.
    Power X Changer Voltage and frequency converters use innovative sine wave output regeneration technology to produce new, clean and constant AC power for any use imaginable. This specialized design eliminates noise and ensures optimal performance and stability. The higher wattage models such as the 1,800-watt Installer Series Converter are similar to the power delivered from a dual-socket outlet, allowing you to run large appliances like refrigerators, washers, dryers, power tools and more.
    All units feature a solid construction and build quality housed in a hardened metal casing. Power X Changer units deliver power at a 92% efficiency rate with harmonic distortion levels falling below 3%. The high-level and sophisticated regulation system ensures 120-volt 60hz output with less than 2%, making these converters ideal for sensitive electronics such as high-end audio or home theater equipment. Many safety and stability features have been incorporated into the design of these converters to prevent and correct any issues caused by electrical surges.
    If you're in a country or region where 220-volt electricity is standard and you need to run 120 volts safely and consistently, the Power X Changer Voltage and Frequency Converter is your best bet. Check them out here and get yours today. At 220-Electronics, we ship anywhere in the world and guarantee the lowest prices, allowing you to buy with confidence and ease from the comfort of your own home.

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