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Expats' Television Buying Advice: Multisystem TVs

5 Top TV Purchasing Considerations For Expats

When you make your decision to move your life abroad, your best intention is likely to simplify your life by getting rid of things you don’t need. But there’s one item we find most expats refuse to give up. You guessed it right--the TV.TV Cityscape

As much as we know you don’t prefer anything “complicated,” we know purchasing a new television today can be a confusing chore. From Smart TVs with wifi, internet and app capabilities, to Plasma, LCD, LED and OLED, HDTV, and curved or flat panel aesthetics, you have so many considerations. And expat living adds even more complexity to your television purchase choices.

So we thought we would simplify your purchasing process by explaining these top five considerations for expats moving outside North America.

1) Your Standard North American TV Will Not Work Overseas.

Some companies will tell you that if your TV has a digital signal, HDMI and 110-220 volt capabilities, your TV should be compatible abroad. But this is simply not true.

Standard TV systems purchased at most “big box” retailers in North America are encoded to comply with the National Television System Committee (NTSC) color and picture quality standards in the U.S. So you can’t just go to your local electronics retailer and purchase a television that will work in your home abroad. (Error: Mode Not Supported)

Alternatively, PAL (Phase Alternation by Line) and SECAM (Sequential Color with Memory) are the common color and quality standards outside North America (and Japan.) To comply with these popular modes overseas you must purchase a Multi-system TV.

2) Multi-system TVs Work Anywhere In The World.

Multisystem televisions are compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM standards. As opposed to NTSC 110-120 volts and 60 Hz output, multisystem TVs accommodate 110-240 volts with 50 and 60 Hz output. Aside from the fact that you can use your multisystem TV anywhere in the world, multisystem specialty retailers typically are less expensive, offer a larger brand selection and larger sizes (even 70” and above) of the latest models and technologies.

Multi-system televisions are available in Plasma, LCD, LED and TV/DVD Combos. And they come equipped with all the top modern TV features like 3D, curved screen, wifi built-in, HD, full HD, ultra HD 4k, and built-in tuners. In most cases, the built-in tuner is not necessary outside North America when your multisystem TV is connected to a cable box or satellite receiver.

Both Plasma and LCD and are aging technologies. But, many of our customers still prefer them. We understand you like what you like. Viewing a movie in 3D is all the rage at the box office, but it may not be your thing at home abroad. It’s a cool technology that requires a 3D DVD player and 3D glasses. Some of our expat customers find it  “complicates” their viewing capabilities a little more than necessary.

If you’re questioning whether you need HD, full HD or ultra HD 4k, here’s the deal.

  • Good High Definition: 720 resolution
  • Very Good High Definition: Full HD - 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Ultra High Definition: HD 4K

3) Multi-System LED Televisions Offer The Most Modern Viewing Technology.

In both standard and multisystem LED Televisions, panel design is a matter of aesthetic choice. Curved televisions can be wall-mounted, just like a flat-panel TV. Curved television panels allow greater flexibility in furniture positioning. You and your guests can view it equally as well from either side, as though you are sitting front and center.

4) Multi-System Smart TVs Are A Smart Choice For Expats.

Multi-system Smart TVs come with all the bells and whistles, including wifi and full web browser capabilities, 3D imagery and 3D glasses, voice recognition and motion control, and web apps. Think computer and TV, all-in-one.

5) Region-Free Smart Blu-ray Players Offer Smart TV Capabilities.

Understand Blu-Ray DVD Regions.

Region-Free Smart Blu-ray DVD Players can lend your standard multisystem TV the same Smart functionality you get by purchasing a Smart TV. However, this requires a custom chipping process that we provide in-house using a custom DVD Region chip design to ensure your Blu-ray DVD player can play any disc, regardless of its country of origin.

The latest Region Free Blu-Ray DVD Players even come equipped with streaming media and PlayStation capabilities.

Whether you’re going abroad to retire in one of International Living’s Top 10 Retirement Havens, to work in one of Mercer’s Top 10 Best Cities for Expats, or anywhere else in the world, you’re wise to make sure you’re equipped with a multi-system, region-free television.

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