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High-End Region Free Blu-ray Players - Maximum Quality, Maximum Performance

high quality region free blu-ray playersAs a leader in international electronics, we stock a variety of electronics inventory from some of the top name brands. This includes high-end performance brands such as Oppo, Denon, Harmon-Kardon and Marantz. While these brands' models are much more costly than some of the more common brands, they're worth each and every penny. It's kind of like the old saying - "You get what you pay for".
When you're seeking out the ultimate in home theater performance, you can expect to pay for it. While some may assume you're only paying for the brand, well that's just not true. If anything, 'paying for the name' is going to be a more valid statement when speaking of purchasing $100 - $200 Blu-ray units than when purchasing a player that's upwards of $500.
If all you're looking for is something to play a Blu-ray disc and you're not worried about additional features and functionality, than your best bet would be to purchase the absolute cheapest player you could get your hands on - there's really no reason to spend an extra $200 to get a player with more options if they'll go unused, right? And the same is said for the high-end players.
For the average joe who's looking to watch movies in the stunning quality of Blu-ray, a typical brand name such as LG, Sharp or Sony will do just fine. In fact, many of these brands have some amazing features and deliver excellent picture and sound quality. However, the most serious of movie fans or even connoisseurs might choose to opt for the ultimate in audio/video performance. These people are going to seek out the finest electronics equipment available as they appreciate and see value in the enhanced performance capabilities.
What will they get? Well, to summarize they're going to get a player that performs more efficiently, delivers video and audio more clearly, operates faster and cooler, equipped with a more sturdy chassis and made with the best part available.
From the frame rate of the picture to the clarity, you're not going to find a cheaper player that produces a better picture. The Oppo brand of Blu-ray players for example, has been designed to put a picture on your television screen that's not only flawless, but exactly as the director intended for it to look. The perfect hue, the exact brightness, etc.. You're getting an image that's literally been tuned to perfection and the same is true when it comes to audio performance. You're going to have more channels, more power, a cleaner and more robust sound than you can imagine and plenty of options to connect it to your home theater system. Send it through an amp or direct to your speakers - either way you're going to end up with a quality that's unmatched.
The more expensive yet higher performance brands like Marantz and Harmon-Kardon also feature a better construction. They're made with heavy duty frames and rugged cases, are better balanced for optimal performance and tend to weigh much more than a cheaper player - all things that lend physical evidence of quality. Better parts equal a better product, that's the way it works.
At 220-Electronics, our higher-end brands not only deliver professional quality performance, they offer even more than that. All of our players are region-free models which means that they can play any disc from anywhere in the world. They also feature worldwide voltage, allowing them to be used in any country, regardless of the electrical voltage. Additionally, most models feature PAL/NTSC conversion that allows them to be 100% compatible with foreign televisions so there's no need for an external video converter.
What these region-free players are providing is like the Holy Grail of home cinema. You're literally achieving the best audio and video quality available from a player, but one that can also play any disc from any region in the world, works anywhere in the world, and can do so on any TV. It's actually pretty remarkable.
If you're looking for nothing less than flawless performance and capability from your next Blu-ray/DVD Player, check out our complete inventory. You can filter by price and brand to find the model that's perfect for you. With over 30 years of experience, we're your trusted source.