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LG Wireless Bluetooth Audio Systems

lg wireless bluetooth stereo systemsLG has recently re-designed the home stereo by creating the LG Wireless Audio System. These units are really neat to have because they are small, relatively powerful, and affordable sound systems that use Bluetooth connectivity to play and control your favorite music directly from your mobile devices. They also connect to compatible LG TVs, allowing you to listen to your audio through the stereo system rather than your TVs built-in speakers. With up to 230-watts of power you'll get the sound boost you need to listen to music throughout your home, plus plenty of other features like the flexibility to change and control the music from your smartphone. These economical wireless audio systems are ideal for basic music playback in your home, office, apartment, shop or garage.

With multi-Bluetooth, you can connect up to 3 mobile devices simultaneously for easy control of playlists between friends or at parties. The three phones can be connected and all three can be used to choose the music, which is really cool. You can take turns playing music, making for a fun and exciting listening experience.

All of LGs Wireless Audio Systems also feature normal stereo options such as FM tuner, auxiliary input, CD Player and built-in equalizer. No matter what kind of media you have, you can use it. They also support the most popular and common audio formats, and come equipped with USB direct playback so you can share playlists from a USB drive or USB enabled device. They've even developed a LG Micro Hi-Fi Audio System which is a really interesting 130-watt system in a tiny package. What's better? The models we sell at 220 Electronics are designed for worldwide use - meaning they work with any voltage from 110 to 240 volts. For more information or to purchase your own today, check out LG's Wireless Audio Systems on our website.