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Multi-System and Region-Free.. What's the Difference?

What are Multi-system, Multi-Region, Region Free and Code-Free Electronics?

multisystem and region free electronicsIn the electronics world, devices are manufactured specifically for the area in which they're to be sold. From the device's labels and packaging to the default language and even retail price, there are many variations from country to country on what is essentially the exact same product. Additionally, these devices are manufactured to meet the specific requirements or regulations of these various countries, with one of the major factors being voltage compliance. Since different countries have different voltage standards (ranging from 110 volts to 240 volts) the electronics sold in any given country must be compatible with that country's voltage.

Multi-System and Multi-Region

When someone refers to "multi-system" or "multi-region", they're speaking of a device that can operate in foreign areas - usually because of its special voltage capability. Typically the device has been modified to operate at any voltage due to internal modifications. Common examples are TVs, DVD & Blu-ray Players, Stereo Receivers and other common items that might be taken along when moving, relocation or traveling abroad.
Aside from the modifications that allow the device to operate at any voltage, there are also other changes in some cases. There are 3 major video formats used throughout the world - these are PAL, NTSC and SECAM. In order to use another video component with the TV such as a DVD or Blu-ray Player, both units need to use the same video format. While compatibility can be accomplished via an external converter, the best models will come with internal video converters which is the easiest option.

Region-Free and Code-Free

While DVD & Blu-ray players could fall into the multi-system category, they are more commonly referred to as being "region-free" or "code-free". The difference in names is mostly due to the fact that these types of devices are not only designed for a specific voltage, but also coded to only play discs that originate from the player's native region of sale. While there are many reasons for this which we won't get into, these types of devices need to be unlocked in order to play discs from outside regions.
When utilizing a region-free DVD or Blu-ray player, there is no issue with voltage OR with playing discs from foreign countries. Some people purchase region-free or code-free players for traveling while others purchase them for the purpose of playing foreign discs in their native country - this is common with people who are collectors and enjoy watching foreign movies or those who purchase discs from overseas while vacationing or via the internet.
It's advised that if you're using a TV that's not compatible with PAL, NTSC or SECAM, you should be sure that your video player is equipped with internal conversion. If not, you'll need an external video converter for compatibility.

Where Can I Find Multi-System and Region-Free Electronics?

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