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MultiSystem TVs for Overseas Use

multisystem tvs for overseas useIf you live abroad, are planning an overseas relocation or simply want to purchase a specific model or brand of TV that may not be available in your home country, a MultiSystem TV is the perfect solution.
As you may or may not know, the standard voltage of electricity varies from country to country, as does the standard color system for TVs and movies. A TV that's been purchased in the US will not work in Europe or Asia (and vice-versa) without two things - an audio/video converter which converts the color system to the proper format and a voltage converter which of course converts the electricity to the proper voltage. This is because cable TV, blu-ray players and movies formatted in regions such as Europe and Asia are designed for use only with TVs manufactured to utilize the native voltage and color system.
If you're going overseas and plan to bring your foreign TV with you, you'll not only need to purchase a voltage converter and audio/video converter, but you'll have to take them along with you and make sure everything is wired up correctly. In short, this can be time consuming, costly, and more of a hassle than it's worth. You can always purchase a TV when you arrive to your destination, however, the price is likely going to be higher than it is in North America. The alternative (and the most simple solution) is to purchase a multi system TV that's been specifically designed to work at any voltage, with any color system, anywhere in the world.
Multisystem TVs are not a new idea, the've been around for decades. They make it possible to travel or relocate without issue and enable you to utilize your TV wherever you go, without worry and without annoying cables or converters.
There are generally three things that make a multi system TV invaluable. First, they utilize a simple switch that allows you to set the voltage for the country you are in. No need for a voltage converter, just plug and play. Secondly, they feature internal converters for all color systems (PAL/NTSC/Secam) so you'll never need to purchase or hookup any type of video converter. Third, once you purchase a multi system TV you'll never have to worry about whether or not it will work at your destination country. For example, if you're moving to the UK next year but want a new TV in your home right now you might delay your purchase since you'll be moving soon - but if you purchase a multi system model, there will be no need to make another purchase, you can simply ship your TV overseas with your other items and it'll be ready for use, without issue.
Even if you're not moving overseas but live in a country where electronics might be more expensive than North America or the selection may be inadequate, you can easily purchase a multi-system model that's ready to work at 220 volts and have it delivered to your door for the same or lesser price than the cost of purchasing a TV locally.
Keep in mind that multi system TVs are not sold in stores, as TVs are not typically manufactured to work in any country. What they are, literally, is the normal manufacturer's model that has been professionally modified (after the factory) by an electronics expert with the proper hardware and software to allow it to work anywhere in the world. Because of this convenient technology, it's possible to find a multi-system version of practically any model TV. All you have to do is find a reputable distributor or vendor of multisystem TVs.
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