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Oppo Blu-ray Players.... Haven't you Heard?

region free oppo blu-ray playersWhen it comes to Blu-ray Players, you literally have hundreds of options to chose from. Amongst the different brands - some well-known and others not - you'll find a whirlwind of various models, each boasting their own features and cutting edge technologies as a lure to make a purchase. Of course, pricing is a huge factor and the competition lately is fierce among the top brands such as Sony, LG, Toshiba, and Samsung and more. Just as rapidly as the technology appears, it seems to be outdated within a matter of months as new models with new options appear on the market. If you're after the best of the best, sometimes it's better to just take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Quality or Quantity?

At an average of about $200 a pop, Blu-ray players aren't cheap. Usually, they'll last a year or two without fail depending on how heavily used they are. Some will last much longer. Others will be moved into the bedroom or a guest room as you upgrade your home theater with the newest of the new in an attempt to capture the best quality and the latest features. But it all that really necessary? Do you need to purchase a new unit every couple years? Are you really upgrading to technology that's worth the new purchase? Are the cutting-edge features even something you're going to use? How can you get the best bang-for-the-buck and ensure you're getting a high quality unit that won't disappoint? Enter Oppo.

When Only the Best Will Do

Oppo has been around for a long time. You may or may not have heard of the brand. If you're serious about your home theater and have done any type of research about top-of-the-line units then you've probably came across the name before. You might have also looked at the price tag and had a mild stroke, wondering how in the heck the prices are so high on something that just plays movies. You might have even laughed at the price while wondering who's actually foolish enough to spend that kind of money. Or, you might have looked a bit deeper - you might even know someone who owns an Oppo.... Chances are, if you asked them about their Oppo Blu-ray Player they responded with overwhelming praise because... Well, Oppo rules!
Unlike certain products where you end up paying more for a brand name, a label or even solely for bragging rights, Oppo is different. Known for being one of the best performing Blu-ray manufacturers in the world, Oppo has set a precedent for delivering the highest quality available. From design and styling to functionality, reliability and lifespan there's not many who can confidently say they build machines that perform as good as an Oppo. So what is it - what's the big deal about Oppo Blu-ray Players and what makes them so special? How could they perform so well that they're worth 10 times more than a no-name player from Walgreens that you can pickup for $40?

Design. Dedication. Dignity

Well, to be honest, Oppo is known as one of the best simply because they are - and there's no arguing it. From concept to completion, these Blu-ray players have one intention - to deliver the absolute highest quality in all aspects.
From the rigid metal-chassis design that provides durability, protection, strength and balance to the high-end internal components, these things are built to work hard and do it flawlessly. Oppos uses Qdeo processor technology to visually outperform the competition time after time and has perfected the art of home theater. ESS Sabre digital-to-analog converters (DAC) as well as balanced and unbalanced dedicated stereo outputs, a toroidal linear power supply, and asynchronous USB DAC input boost the Oppo to an unparalleled level of audio quality.
It may all sound like techno-babble to you but here it goes, in laymen's terms: When you take the highest quality components available and use quality craftsmanship to combine them, you get a products that not only performs like no other but lasts longer than the others. With an Oppo, what you're going to get IS what you paid for - the clearest audio you can imagine, a picture so vibrant, crisp and vivid that you'll never want to own an inferior player again, and a build quality that has you wondering if this thing would survive a nuclear war. Seriously.

Check Them Out For Yourself

Are you sick of dropping $250 to unpack age a new player that has the weight of a loaf of bread? Sick of needing to wait seemingly forever for a disc to load? Tired of useless updates that seem to do nothing other than crash your machine or render certain features unusable? Sick of freezing screens, players that skip when the bass from your surround sound hits too hard? Sick of all these extra options that leave you feeling like you've been had since you don't really need them? So was everyone else who bought an Oppo. And now they'll probably never need to buy another Blu-ray Player in their lifetime.
But don't take our word for it. There are different models of Oppo players available to purchase from 220 Electronics and they're all region-free as well. This means they can play any Blu-ray or DVD from anywhere in the world, and they never require a video or voltage converter regardless of where in the world you're using it and no matter what kind of TV you couple it with. We don't want to keep you here too long. Check out our Region Free Oppo Blu-ray Players for yourself. Look at the options and check the specifications. Then do some research on your own. Check out the ratings and see what other Oppo owners are saying about the brand. If you're prepared, take the plunge. It'll be the last time you'll ever have to purchase a Blu-ray Player.