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Pioneer Elite Series Region Free Blu-ray Players

region free pioneer bdp-62fdThere's been a lot of brands who have jumped onto the DVD & Blu-ray market over the last 10 years, offering competitive pricing on cutting edge video technology for your home theater. From LG to Samsung and many lesser known brands, the market has been flooded with products boasting the best features available for your movie-viewing pleasure. With the long list of convenient new features and software being bundled into these next-generation players, many people overlook one of the more important factors in choosing a Blu-ray system - and that factor is quality.
Since the beginning of home audio, Pioneer has literally "pioneered" the industry with not only the newest advancements in technology, but with products of the highest quality. Today, nothing has changed and as electronics technology continues to move forward, Pioneer is tight there, doing what they do best. While Pioneeer offers a lineup of affordable Blu-ray Players that are loaded with features and available for very reasonable prices, they've also been working on something else - the Elite Series.
Elite Series Blu-ray Players are Pioneer's way of showing who lays down the law when it comes to construction, performance and overall product quality. Many of the newest brands are putting focus on smaller, lighter Blu-ray Players which often ends in owning a player that looks and feels somewhat "cheap". Pioneer has designed the Elite Series Blu-ray Players with a different idea - a sturdy, durable, long-lasting player that not only offers cutting-edge technology but a product that looks, feels and performs like something you're proud to own.
We currently stock the BDP-62FD Elite Series Blu-ray Player from Pioneer and best of all, it's region-free! The Region-Free Pioneer BDP-62FD is not available from Pioneer because it's been professionally modified to enhance usability. Not only does this player work anywhere in the world thanks to the worldwide voltage modification (110 - 240 volts), it also plays Blu-rays and DVDs from anywhere in the world regardless of region. You can take it anywhere and play anything on it - if that's not flexible, we're not sure what is. And better yet, it features internal PAL/NTSC conversion so it will work with any TV without the need for an external video converter. The Region-Free Pioneer Elite BDP-62FD is truly a plug-and-play device.
The region-free features alone make it indispensable, but surely it's the factory features that make it such an attractive player to begin with. Constructed with a heavy-duty chassis, the player is well balanced, sturdy and stronger than most in its class. The design is clean and chiseled featuring brushed aluminum faceplate, an attractive LED display and easy to use buttons. The frontal USB port makes it easy to view media from a flash drive without having to pull the paler out to access the rear - something we all can appreciate. But looks and convenience are only part of the equation, as the Region Free BDP62FD offers unparalleled performance that you'd be pressed to find from other popular players on the market.
This model is equipped with a Qdeo High-Quality processor that delivers fast & flawless video performance each and every time. It features 3D Playback, Triple High-Definition Noise Reduction and 36-bit Deep Color to provide a rich and lifelike image quality in the convenience of your own home. For those of you who care about quality, the Elite Series delivers. The difference in picture quality is noticeable and finely tuned to delve the best viewing experience available for all types of media and cinema from sports to kid's movies. And while Pioneer outdid themselves with the amazing video quality, let's not forget what Pioneer is known for - and that's audio. The audio quality is top of the line, even surpassing some players that are far more expensive than the BDP-62FD. Of course the HDMI delivers the best sound possible to your TV or home theater system, but it's the audio specs that make the difference. Featuring PQLS with HDMI, 192 kHz/24-bit Audio DAC, DTS-HD, Master Audio & Dolby TrueHD Decoders and a Sound Retriever Link, you can set the player up for flawless, lifelike audio to put you right into the action. It even has a digital coaxial output if you need it.
To believe it, you've got to see it yourself. View our Region Free Pioneer Elite Series BDP-62FD today and learn more about the player, it's specifications and pricing. We offer the best prices anywhere and will beat anyone's price, anywhere in the world, guaranteed.