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Region Free Blu-ray Players: More Than Just Movies

region free blu-ray playersWe've came a long way since the glory days of VHS tapes. Even DVD Players seem rather ancient right now with their capabilities limited only to disc playback. The invention and advancement of Blu-ray has brought with it much more than just improved resolution and sound clarity; it's opened up a whole new world of home media.
Combined with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other smartphone technology such as applications, the Blu-ray Player has transformed home theater into a vast world of endless media possibilities. We can share photos and video from our phones onto our TV screens without the need for cables. We can access and our favorite music playlists from our laptop in another room and play that music on our surround sound system without ever touching the laptop - and then we can adjust the volume using our smartphone while sitting on the back porch. We can check the weather, communicate with our friends and even surf the web directly from our Blu-ray players. We have access to thousands of hours of movies and TV shows that require nothing more than our internet connection and the use of our remote control. We can share our tablet or smartphone screen on our TV and vice versa. It's actually rather amazing if you think about it.
A Region Free Blu-ray Player takes all these conveniences and pushes it a step further by allowing you to use it anywhere, to play any disc, on any TV. That's right. While it might not mean much to you at home, there are some serious benefits to this.
When you purchase a Blu-ray Player from Wal-Mart or Best Buy, you're getting a player designed to work with the local voltage, capable of playing blu-ray discs that are sold only in your country. With a region-free player, you're getting a unit that works with any voltage (from 110 to 240 volts) and is capable of playing any disc, from anywhere in the world. Region-Free players also work with any TV, thanks to their internal video conversion. You can take the player to Canada, China, Russia, or Brazil or anywhere else - it will always work. No voltage converters needed and no worries about foreign disc playback. While this is perfect for the world traveler, it's also perfect for anyone who likes to purchase, collect and watch foreign film titles.
It's important to note that Region Free Blu-ray Players are specially modified by professionals. The modified players are the same brands and models sold in big box stores, but the ones in those stores have not been modified. If you see a player that's region-free, don't expect to go purchase that player in your local electronics store. They won't have the region free version and you'll end up disappointed with your purchase. It's important to purchase from a reputable retailer who specializes in the sales of Region-Free Blu-ray Players and global electronics.
With the advancements that Blu-ray technology has delivered to our home theaters, it only makes sense to own a player that has no restrictions for use or playback. Region Free Blu-ray Players offer exactly that, you get the best of both worlds. Stream media, watch your favorite movies, surf the web, listen to your music, share your photos, access your image & video library, and use your smartphone as a remote control to do it all - from anywhere in the world, on any TV.
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