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Multisystem Samsung 75" UA-75NU7100 4K Smart TV

The Samsung UA-75NU7100 is a high-end television which features HDR10+, a 4K UHD display, a PQI of 1300, and a motion rate of 100. At 75", it looks absolutely stunning in any room but is perfect for larger spaces such as living rooms or dens. Complete with Samsung's suite of proprietary features such as OneConnect, this television is perfect for anyone who is already invested in Samsung's device ecosystem or simply looking for a new, quality viewing experience.

Size and Performance

This 75" television set will amaze you with its incredible image quality. Despite its size,
the 4K UHD display it boasts prevents the loss of image quality that often comes with size. The slim silhouette of the television is unique, and Samsung's own cable-management solutions reduce clutter in a clean and efficient manner. If you are not a big fan of replacing all of your favorite movies with newer, 4K versions, worry not; the
UA-75NU7100 features built-in 4K upscaling, outputting video at the highest quality
possible without it being truly 4K. This means that your favorite videos and games will
still benefit from the TV's UHD features, even if you have no upgraded them

Multisystem Compatibility

The Samsung UA-75NU7100 we carry is a multisystem model not available in retail stores. It has been modified to work with any voltage (from 110 to 240 volts) by professionals. This means it can be used anywhere in the world. From North America to Europe, China to Japan, and even in a yacht or RV. There's no need for a voltage converter. It also features internal Pal/NTSC/Secam conversion which makes it compatible for use anywhere in the world. You'll never need a video converter or any messy cables for this TV. The Samsung UA-75NU7100 is ready to be used around the world.

Other Features

While the UA-75NU7100 does feature a massive, impressive 4K display, it does have other features which will make it worth purchasing. As a Samsung Smart TV, it is Wi-Fi Ready and can connect to the internet in mere moments after plugging it in. It also is DLNA compatible, which means you can connect it to other devices throughout your home with minimal effort. Samsung's ConnectShare and OneConnect technologies are also built-in, allowing multiple Samsung devices to communicate freely including phones, watches, and more. Send videos to and from your phone without purchasing additional devices! Another of this Samsung TV's unique features is the built-in "Steam Link". If you have a gaming computer, it is possible to stream games from your PC to your television over Wi-Fi. Now, you are able to take your games with you to the living room with no issue, perfect for spending time with friends and family over your favorite video games.

Learn more about the multisystem Samsung UA-75NU7100 today, and get your own before they are out of stock. Remember, these specially modified units are not available in stores. As specialists in Region-Free and Multisystem electronics with over 35 years of experience, you can buy from 220-Electronics with confidence and join our thousands of happy and loyal customers from around the globe.

-The 220-Electronics Team