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Samsung 6000 Series Multi-System TV Review

samsung multi-system 6000 tvOver recent years, Samsung has captured an impressive share of the electronics market by combining cutting edge features, innovation, reliability and competitive prices. Combined with the fact that the technology offered by Samsung is on the leading edge of the industry, there's no question why consumers find the brand so favorable on all levels.
Samsung's 6000 Series TV's are no exception to this rule, so we've decided to provide a little insight and write a review on this impressive line of Smart Tv models. We'll focus on three specific sizes - the 50", 55" and 60" models.
First off, the 6000 Series are Smart TV's that are equipped with some truly amazing interactive abilities, either built-in or accessible via the Samsung App Store. Stream digital media, chat with friends (yes, chat right from your TV), connect with other devices in your home and even use your smartphone as a remote - the possibilities are seemingly endless.
The Samsung App Store alone is a masterpiece in the making, giving you direct access to premium apps that are designed specifically for your TV. Connect to your favorite media sources like Netflix and Hulu Plus, stay up to date with the latest interactive sports info from ESPN, or use social media accounts like Facebook and twitter. Better yet, the content of the app store is always expanding so you'll always be up to date with the coolest features.
The Smart TV experience doesn't stop with apps, either. Connectivity via Wi-Fi also lets you utilize DLNA networking so you can share movies, photos, music, videos and more with any other device in your home that has DLNA capability. In a way, it's like your own little home media library. Want to watch a movie on the big screen that's downloaded to your laptop? Simple; DLNA networking lets you do this with ease, and most importantly, without wires. It's a really great feature, especially for homes with different devices. Between your Desktop, laptop, android or iPhone, and tablets, you can have a huge mess of media. Once you have everything setup, DLNA acts as a central hub for it all and provides seamless sharing across all devices.
While Smart TV is definitely a great selling point, that's not the prized feature of the Samsung 6000 series TV's. These models have a whole lot to brag about, so let's check it out.
Ultra Clear Panel - this feature virtually eliminates glares from sunlight during the day and interior lights at night. By actually absorbing ambient light, the Ultra Clear Panel can sustain a clear and visible image without viewing distractions. Additionally, this technology helps provide a deeper color display and increased image quality.
ConnectShare - If you don't want or need the whole DLNA experience, ConnectShare lets you view your favorite media via USB drive. There's no need for networking, just plug your USB stick into the port on the TV and use the menu to select and view whatever you have stored. It's easy and convenient, not to mention a neat way for the whole family to view photos or home videos on the big screen!
Wide Color Enhancer Plus - This feature helps to deliver the picture with the exact colors that were intended to be seen, without enhancements. No fancy adjustments, just the raw color as intended by the artist/director/producers.
Eco Sensor - This awesome feature detects the lighting in the vicinity of the TV and auto-adjusts the picture accordingly. If it's dinner time and all the lights are on, the picture gets brighter - if the lights are out and you're ready for a movie, the images dims down and adjusts to the perfect brightness for your home theater experience. It saves a bit of energy and gives you the best picture possible for all environments.
HDMI - Since the 6000 series features 4 HDMI ports, you can connect up to four compatible devices at once. Surround sound, a gaming system, and your Blu-ray player can all be connected to HDMI at the same time for example. Connect whatever you'd like and it's always ready to use in HD quality. Additionally, the Anynet+ feature lets you condense all of the remote controls from your HDMI-connected devices into one.
It's truly enough to make you never want to leave your TV. While the Samsung 6000 TV's have some really great special features, they're still jam-packed with all the little conveniences you're hoping for. It's the little things that count, and Samsung definitely didn't cut the 6000 series TV short.
All 6000 Series Models come with the following options:
- 1920x1080 Native Resolution
- Full HD 1080p Resolution
- 5,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio
- Clear Motion rate of 240
- SRS theater Sound
- Dual audio channels
- Down firing + full range speakers
- Wi-Fi capability (with LinkStick)
- Smart Hub
- BD Wise
- Closed Captioning
- Game Mode
- Auto Power-Off
- Auto Volume Leveler
- Clock and Sleep/Wake timers
- 4 HMDI inputs
- 1 rear component input
- 2 composite inputs
- 1 PC input (15 pin)
- 1 Audio Mini-Jack input
- Ethernet Port
- 3 USB ports
- 1 Optical Digital Audio output
- 1 DVI Audio input
On top of the high-end home theater performance offered by the 6000 series lineup, these are also Multi-System TV's. If you're unfamiliar with Multi-System TV's, they work in any area of the world, with any voltage (110 volts or 220 volts) and any color format (PAL, NTSC, Secam) without the need for a converter. You can literally take these TV's anywhere in the world without worrying about compatibility or functionality.
All in all, the Samsung 6000 LED Smart TV's are an excellent choice for your home theater. They provide an extremely powerful and flexible experience that delivers the finest in modern television technology. For a closer look at all the sizes and options of this Multi-system Samsung TV, visit our website at www.220-Electronics.com where we have over 30 years of experience as international electronics specialists.