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The Samsung UA-40KU6000 - A 4K/UHD Multi-System TV Under $500!


As much as I adore 4K, I have to admit that there often is a noticeable barrier to entry: price. It is due to this that I find it worthwhile to hunt down amazing deals on 4K televisions; I require that they be well-made, of reputable brands, readily available, and at reasonable prices. With those requirements in mind, the Samsung UA-40KU6000 fits the bill.


The Samsung UA-40KU6000 is a 40 inch multi-system television which, as noted, features a stunning 4K/UHD/Ultra HD display. On top of that, it also features HDR Premium technology, providing an incredible, vibrant image which dazzles with the depth of its colors. If you have not experienced HDR, it will likely surprise you. We will soon be posting an article explaining the technology in-depth, but in short it amplifies the detail of highlights and shadows in any scene. Its ultimate goal is to mimic the human eye, and thus provide a much greater level of detail, a higher range of colors, and more interesting shadows than what can be seen on normal (SDR) televisions.



While we have discussed 4K technology thoroughly in the past, it is worth noting its significance in this case. For less than $500, this TV has 4x the PPI (Pixels per Inch) of a normal 40" HD TV. The image quality is amazing, with absurd levels of detail and a fluid motion that almost has to be seen to be believed. It is honestly quite shocking at first. Another crucial feature is that the UA-40KU6000 will upscale non-4K videos to 4K resolutions. If your favorite movie is not available in 4K, that is perfectly fine because the TV itself will scale it the video to fit!

The Samsung UA-40KU6000, of course, a smart TV. Using Samsung's in-house Smart TV technology, one can stream digital content through services such as Netflix or Hulu without having to purchase an additional device. Samsung's Smart Hub technology also allows the TV to sync up with other Samsung devices in your home, specifically a Samsung Galaxy phone. While not an essential part of using the UA-40KU6000, it is a nice bonus for those who are already Samsung fans.



We love the UA-40KU6000, and we hope that you will too. A crucial feature of the Samsung UA-40KU6000, if purchased from 220-Electronics.com, is its ability to perform worldwide. That's right: Pal, NTSC, and Secam are all compatible. This is not a feature that is guaranteed from other distributors, which is what makes the 220-Electronics version so special. Our prices are also unbeatable, so if you are looking for an amazing, low-cost 4K TV that will work worldwide, purchase one now!

-The 220-Electronics Team