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Sony's 2015 Blu-ray Players and the Region-Free BDP-S5500

region-free sony bdp-s5500After 2 years of manufacturing their players with a unprecedented stealth-like design, sony has taken it back to square one with their 2015 Blu-ray model lineup. While the new models are definitely more "stackable" than the awkward yet cool-looking models of 2013 & '14, they're also more functional.
This year Sony has replaced their BDP-S5200 with the BDP-S5500 which boasts improved streaming capabilities with access to over 300 streaming apps available at your fingertips, and more importantly, connectivity with Playstation Now, allowing you to direct access to hundreds of PS3 games which can be played on your TV without - that's correct, we said without - a game console (made possible with use of the DualShock 4 controller). The access to Playstation Now is groundbreaking in itself, and, what can we say other than it's a genius idea for Sony to utilize it's ownership of Playstation and expand it into their Blu-ray lineup.
All the old bells and whistles remain snugly in place with the 2015 lineup, including 2D to 3D Conversion, 3D Playback, built in Wi-Fi, and the must-have Miracast technology to let you mirror your smartphone onto your TV screen.
There are plenty of other great features that come wrapped up inside this new 2015 model that make your home theater experience one of sheer enjoyment and flexibility but one of them that's not available from the factory is Region-Free capability. At 220 Electronics, we have the Region-Free Sony BDP-S5500 Blu-ray Player in stock right now - and it's guaranteed to play any DVD or Blu-ray disc in the world - better yet, from anywhere in the world. With worldwide voltage and built-in PAL to NTSC conversion, there's no reason not to take a look at these; especially if you're a fan of foreign movies.
Aside from the BDP-S5500, there are also two other great models with a lower pricetag which are the Region Free Sony BDP-S3500 which lacks 3D Playback and the Region Free Sony BDP-S1500 which lacks 3D playback and built in Wi-Fi. If you can deal without having 3D and don't mind a hardwired ethernet connection, these are still excellent choices and both still compatible with the Playstation Now feature.
We have to say that the hands-down most impressive aspect of the 2015 model is the awesome ability to connect with Playstation Now, but we'll let you decide for yourself. There's a lot to be had from Sony Blu-ray this year and you just might find yourself placing an order very soon.
Stay tuned to learn more about this cutting-edge unit and it's complete features, specifications and capabilities.