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  • How and Where to Buy Appliances and Electronics Overseas

    power x changer voltage and frequency convertersMany people move, relocate, or travel and work abroad each year and those numbers are growing rapidly. From retirees and expats to people who've accepted job offers and are moving to a foreign land, there's no shortage of people moving about internationally. But what happens when you arrive at your destination? If your new home isn't furnished and you didn't send your electronics and appliances overseas, you'll be forced to buy these items locally - and that can be a real hassle.
    Due to higher prices caused by lower product demand, it can be very costly to furnish a home in some countries. Also, there is usually a much smaller selection of brands and models to chose from when compared to the US or Europe. You may end up paying nearly double for your appliances without finding what you're really looking for - and at that point, you'll have no choice. However, if you plan accordingly you can eliminate the stress, hassle and high prices altogether.
    At 220-Electronics.com, we specialize in international relocation. We sell all types of home electronics and appliances including:
    • Mutlisystem TVs
    • Region Free Blu-ray & DVD Players
    • Voltage Converters
    • Kitchen Appliances for 220 Volts
    • Home Appliances for 220 Volts
    • Personal Appliances & Electronics
    • .... and much more!
    All of our products are designed for global use, or for specific use with 220 volt electricity. We have home theater systems, washers & dryers, refrigerators, deep freezers, gas and electric ranges, blenders, 4k TVs, and more. All of our products are sold at the guaranteed lowest price, and we will always beat our competitor's prices. We ship anywhere in the world and can arrange for all of your items to ship together and arrive either before or after you arrive. You'll save money, time, and a lot of headaches. Plus you'll get to chose from the top brand names and the latest models.
    Check us out today at 220-Electronics.com and browse our huge inventory. Our specialists will be glad to assist you and even provide you with a free, no-hassle relocation consultation to help you decide what's best for your needs. Don't wait, get started today! It's the easiest way to buy appliances and electronics overseas.

  • 220 Volt Appliances and International Relocation Services

    220 volt appliances and international relocation servicesIf you have plans for moving overseas, it's important to know you're not alone. Millions of Americans are relocating in recent years and the numbers only continue to rise. Some are retiring and expatriating overseas, others are moving for a change in scenery and culture, and others are going for business or career opportunities. While it can seem like a humbling feat, moving overseas doesn't have to be as hard as it sounds. There are a lot of things to consider and prepare for, but that's the same with many things in life. There are also international relocation services and plenty of helpful resources that make it easier than ever to relocate to a foreign land.
    As specialists in 220 volt appliances and electronics, we naturally help hundreds of people each year with their decision to move overseas. We carry a large inventory of 220 volt appliances (both personal and major appliances) that are designed specifically to be used with 220 and 240 volts. This is important because most areas that are popular for relocation utilize 220 or 240 volt electricity. Rather than wasting precious time and money to shop for electronics and appliances overseas, many chose to make their purchases before they go. This eliminates the hassle of shopping in a foreign city where you may not be fluent in the language, where the selection may be abysmal, and where locals might try and overcharge you for no other reason than that they see you as a walking bank. You don't have to waste days shopping around, settling for less and going from store to store without finding what you want.
    Thanks to our large selection of electronics and appliances from the top brand names, it's easy to shop for everything in the same place - the comfort of your home! Our experienced relocation specialists can even help you plan your purchase by providing priceless advice and recommending products that suit your immediate needs, tastes, or budget. We'll even give you a free, no-hassle international relocation consultation. There's no obligation to buy.
    You might be asking how it all works, or how you make the purchase, or how you'll get your appliances overseas. We have all the answers for that and there's no need to worry. First, our associates will speak with you to get a general idea of where you're heading and what you're looking to purchase. Next, they'll direct you to our website to take a look at our inventory and help get some more ideas. Finally, they'll help you determine which products work best for you and how we can help you receive them anywhere you'd like, at any time you'd like.
    Many people arrange for shipping containers to take everything overseas, some do this independently and others hire companies to handle it. On the other hand, many of our customers request that we arrange for shipping directly to their destination. Some even request that all their items arrive at once, on a specific date, or that their products arrive shortly after they arrive so there's minimal time without electronics and appliances. All of this is possible, and that's why it's a good choice to get a free consultation. We can make your move easier, less stressful and hassle free. We can even make your move less expensive thanks to our guaranteed low prices. More often than not, appliances usually cost much more overseas due to the lower number of sales and smaller demand for brand name models.
    Save time, money, stress, and prevent regret by visiting our website today and contacting us about our products and international relocation services. We have over 35 years of experience and have served tens of thousands of customers. Your decision to do business with us will be one that you'll be very happy about. Get what you want, when you want it, anywhere in the world.

  • Top 10 Things You Need Before Moving Overseas

    top 10 things you need before moving overseasSo you've decided to move overseas. It might be temporary or it might be permanent. Whether for business, retirement or a long-term change of pace, you're heading to a foreign country to live amongst the locals for longer stay than just a typical vacation. It's not uncommon to think you have everything planned out and are ready to go, but you might be able to benefit from just a few pointers from professional travelers and expatriates.
    Before we begin with our top 10 things you need before moving overseas, let us cover the single most important thing you can do - research. Research the area you'll be living, the neighborhood, the main supermarkets and the central areas of the town or city. Google Maps is great for this and makes it easy to create a custom map with pinpoints of particular places of importance. Familiarize yourself with the location of the closest supermarket, hospital, police station and your foreign embassy. Get a general feel for NSEW (North, South, East, West) to make it easier to orientate yourself until you become familiar via firsthand experience. You'll also want to use the most central point in the city/neighborhood and your home's location as your two points of reference, which will help familiarize you with the larger area as you learn. When you find a new point of interest, mark it on your map. You'll learn your way around more quickly by using these methods. Also, research local customs, culture, foods, holidays, and familiarize your self with the monetary exchange rate. Learning as much as possible about your destination before you depart is one of the most important steps you can take. Now, let's take a look at our top 10 things you need before moving overseas.

    Top 10 Things You Need Before Moving Overseas

    1. GSM Unlocked Cell Phone
    Yes, we're sure you won't forget your cell phone. It'd be hard to imagine life without it; we have the whole world at our fingertips. One mistake that many travelers make is bringing along their cell that's already on contract with a service provider from their home country. This is wrong for two reasons - you're going to be charged for roaming (if it's even available), and even without roaming costs your service is going to cost more as compared to a local service in your destination country. Instead, buy a GSM Unlocked Phone from eBay or any reputable retailer of global phones. You can even get the top brands in "factory unlocked" format which means the phone isn't locked to a service provider and only needs an activated SIM card for service. Once you have your phone, purchase a SIM card on eBay for a service provider in the country where you're heading. This prevents you from trying to activate a phone in a foreign language or searching for the best service provider once you arrive. Your phone will be ready to go when you land at the airport. There's plenty of information online for setting up your phone service with a foreign SIM card. Many eBay sellers of SIM cards also provide helpful instructions for setup as well as making payments for minutes, data plans, etc. Once you're familiar with this, you'll be able to go to any country and simply purchase a local SIM card to have a fully functional smartphone. This is a huge money saver and makes you much more flexible when traveling. Heading back home next year? No problem. When you arrive, just purchase a SIM card from a local company and you're ready to go. Global flexibility is key.
    2. Rosetta Stone
    No, not the ancient artifact. Rosetta Stone is the world's premier language learning program and is used by the top institutions in the world for rapidly and effectively learning foreign languages. It's the next best thing to a personal language teacher and it allows you to learn at your own pace. The program is extremely detailed and depending on which one you buy, can teach you from a beginner's level up to a college graduate. There are a lot of language systems that claim to be the best, but in the long run, Rosetta Stone is a proven winner. It's not cheap, but it's worth every penny. Learning the local language is critical for to day-to-day life in a new country and it's also a great way to make new friends.
    3. Lots of Clothes
    When we say lots of clothes, we don't mean 3 suitcases full. However, beware that it can often be really difficult to purchase suitable clothing in a foreign land. Often times the sizes will run differently and the styles will not be what you expected. Furthermore, not all countries sell a large amount of quality clothing due to the average income, and therefor the prices can be astronomical just for a decent pair of jeans or a high-quality shirt. If there's something important to your wardrobe, bring extra in case they're not available in your destination country. A few packages of extra socks/underwear/bras are always a good idea.
    4. Backup ATM/Credit Cards
    You really don't want to imagine what it's like when you're in a foreign country, out of cash, and take a trip to the ATM only to have it malfunction and eat your card. Likewise, it's easy to lose a purse or wallet - whether on accident or to a thief. If your card is gone and you have no access to cash, you'll be in a bad situation. Furthermore, most banks don't like the idea of sending new cards overseas and even if they do, mail is not always reliable. The best bet is to ask your bank for a second card before you depart. Keep this card in a safe space in case you lose your first. If your first card has been stolen, the backup card at least allows you to quickly access an ATM for emergency cash before contacting your bank to cancel the stolen card.
    5. Voltage Converter and Plug Adapters
    Yes, different countries use different voltage. Although it may be confusing, electricity is not universal. While North American uses 120 volts, other areas of the world use 220 volts - and it's not compatible with your North American electronics. A voltage converter will change the voltage for you so you can use your electronics and personal appliances without ruining them or running the risk of fire or electrocution. Plug adapters are another important thing since the electrical outlets are not the same in foreign countries. You can't use your electronics if you can't even plug them in, right? This travel voltage converter kit is the perfect solution as it has adapters for every country and a voltage converter perfect for personal electronics and appliances, plus a high setting for things like a curling iron or hair dryer. If you're bringing more than just the basic devices along with you, you might need a voltage converter capable of handling larger appliances. For more information about voltage converters, check out this voltage converter buying guide.
    6. Battery Backup for Cell Phone
    When you're lost in a foreign country, or need to order an Uber at 1am in a not-so-safe area, you need to have enough battery to use your phone. While it seems like our phones only run out of juice at the most inconvenient times, there is a safe and easy solution - the portable battery backup charger. here handy little devices range from the size of a Bic lighter to the size of a large cell phone, depending on the type and quality. Some will give your phone a 50% boost while the more expensive (and larger) ones can fully charge your phone 3 times or more. These can be bought in any electronics store, but you'll find the best deals and selection on eBay. Some will even fit in your wallet, making them truly easy to carry at all times.
    7. Waterproof Document Bag
    Moving overseas requires paperwork. Even for vacation, you'll still need to ensure your passport is safe and dry. When living overseas, you might discover that leaky roof has unexpectedly flooded your home during a rainstorm. Maybe you drop your backpack accidentally into a fountain, or there's a minor fire in your hotel and everything is soaked by the fire sprinklers. Whatever the case is, it's better to be safe rather than sorry. A waterproof bag is an excellent place to keep your passport, identification and any important papers of permits you may have. You can easily find a waterproof document bag on eBay, some are just simple sleeves. If you really want to protect your paper valuables, you can even put your waterproof document holder inside of a fireproof storage bag. It might sound extreme, but if you care to imagine what it's like to be in a foreign country with no passport and no proof of entry..... Let's just say it's not fun and it's not cheap.
    8. Google Translate App
    The google translate app isn't a substitute for learning a language, but it can supplement your studies with Rosetta Stone, and can also make daily life much easier. One thing that's really cool about this app is its ability to translate signs. Yes, signs. Simply shot a picture and highlight the text - the app will detect and translate the text from any photo you desire. That's a really cool thing to have, and in some circumstances can even save your life. A quick example? A sign reading "Caution, Crocodiles! Do Not Enter The Water!".
    9. WhatsApp
    If you haven't already heard of it, WhatsApp is a free messenger app for your smartphone. It can be used with data or wi-fi, making it a cheap and effective way to communicate without wasting your precious minutes. It's very popular in many parts of the world and gaining popularity in North America. Chances are that everyone in your destination country is already using it. You can use WhatsApp to make phone calls and video calls to other WhatsApp users. You can also share images, video and even documents. This is a great app to have.
    10. Personal Effects
    Whether you take medication, have a favorite perfume or are addicted to a certain cooking ingredient, it's important to evaluate your personal effects and double/triple/quadruple the amount you take with you. If you can't live without it, take plenty with you, and then some extra. Everything you're used to isn't always available overseas and if so, it's not always the same - sometimes it's not even slightly resembling of what you're used to. SO make a list of the most important things. Note allergies, medications, supplements, and anything/everything that's really important to you and check if it's available where you're heading. If a skin condition requires a specific brand of hypo-allergenic sunblock, be sure to purchase plenty because there's no guarantee you'll find what you need in your destination country. Prescription lenses are another thing that you might want to consider. Take an extra pair with you because if you lose or break your glasses, you don't want to be blindly searching for a new eye doctor in a foreign language.
    We hope our list of the top 10 things you need before moving overseas covered a few things you've never considered, and we hope you learned a pointer or two! Moving to a foreign country is one of the most beneficial and enjoyable experiences you can have, but it's important to be prepared. You'll learn more as you go along, but a few tips can always make it easier to adapt. Have fun and safe travels!

  • International Relocation Services with 220 Volt Electronics and Appliances

    international relocation services with electronics and appliancesIf you're like many people around the world who have relocated to different countries or continents, you're probably aware of the challenges. You may be moving to retire and live less expensively in a tropical paradise, or maybe you're relocating for work. You also might be moving just because you found the perfect place where you've decided you want to settle. It can be a very exciting and highly rewarding experience, but it's surely not without its setbacks. From legal documents regarding visas and citizenship, to banking, investments, and finding & securing property, there's no shortage of hoops to jump through. Moving overseas requires some definite patience. On the other hand, if you know what you're doing, you can streamline your international relocation and reduce the headaches.
    As specialists in international relocation, 220 Electronics offers services that cater to a rather important part of your move. As a global retailer of electronics and home appliances, we are constantly helping people who are planning to relocate or have already done so.
    You might be asking what electronics and appliances has to do with relocation, so let's answer that question for you in the simplest way possible.

    220 Volt Electronics and Appliances

    Around the world, different countries and continents use varying voltages of electricity for both residential and commercial services. In the US and North America, the standard is 120 volt electricity. In turn, all major electronics and appliances are designed to operate with 120 volt electricity. However, in Europe, for example, the standard voltage is 220 volts, where all electronics and appliances are designed for 220 volt use.
    What does it all mean? Well; you can't simply pack up your existing electronics and appliances and take them overseas with you. Furthermore, certain electronics such as TVs operate with specific color formats to display the picture and these formats vary from country to country. Others items such as Blu-ray Players are only compatible with discs purchased in the same region as the player, which means that you cannot play European or Asian discs on your North American Blu-ray Player. It actually gets quite complicated, but that's exactly what we're here for - to simplify things for you.
    We specialize in the sales and shipment of 220 and 240 volt appliances, multisystem tvs, region-free blue-ray players and more. From kitchen appliances to 220 volt major appliances like refrigerators, freezers, washers & dryers and more. We stock the most popular models from the top brand names - both economy and designer models. Due to our large sales volume, we can also guarantee the lowest prices anywhere.

    International Relocation Services

    What we can do for you depends on your specifics needs. Our specialists are readily available to speak with you about your international relocation plans and cater our services around your needs and moving schedule. We can even arrange to have your purchases waiting for you when you arrive to your new home in practically any country in the world.
    How do our international relocation services help you?
    • We know which products are best for your needs and your budget, and can aid you in making the proper purchases.
    • Our electronics and appliances are specifically designed to work in foreign countries.
    • We save you the time of shopping for major appliances & electronics in unfamiliar territory.
    • We save you the hassle of trying to bargain for a good buy in a foreign language.
    • You can buy EVERYTHING from us, and pay us, in one simple transaction. No need to shop around!
    • We eliminate all of the stresses associated with shopping for multiple products at various locations.
    • We have more models and brands than most foreign department stores. Our selection is huge!
    • We GUARANTEE the lowest prices.
    • We ship worldwide!
    • Our professional and experienced staff are highly knowledgeable not only about our products, but in arranging global shipping. We know what to expect in regards to customs, import taxes and other important issues and can make sure there are no surprises.
    • We provide a smooth, simple, affordable transaction to help you get the product you want to the place that you need them.

    Get Started With Your International Relocation Today

    If you're relocating overseas, you owe it to yourself to contact us. At 220 Electronics, we have over 35 years of experience in helping people move around the world. We have satisfied customers in over 150 countries and counting. We can provide you with a totally free, no-obligation consultation for your international relocation. Home only feels like home when you're comfortable, and our products and services are here to help you achieve that comfort. Peace of mind, less stress and less headaches. Contact us today for your free international relocation consultation. We'll have you setup with the 220 volt electronics and appliances you need in no time; at the best prices in the world.

  • Moving Overseas with Appliances and Electronics

    moving overseas with appliances and electronicsIf you're heading overseas for an extended period of time, whether for business or retirement, you're probably overwhelmed with preparations. From renting or buying real estate to dealing with the immigration process and deciding what belongings you'll be taking along on your move, moving overseas can be quite a daunting task.
    What about your electronics? What about major appliances like a refrigerator, microwave, or washer and dryer? What about kitchen appliances? Are you planning to purchase these overseas when you arrive at your destination? Are you ready to deal with salesmen trying to sell you overpriced appliances from a sad selection of brands and models? Are you prepared to negotiate in a foreign language? Are you sure you're going to get what you want at a fair price - or will you end up settling for whatever is available to avoid the hassle of shopping around? In a foreign country, making a major purchase can prove to be a major hassle. Luckily, there are other options to consider that can reduce your stress, simplify the purchasing process and ensure you're getting the best value for your dollar.
    As a retailer of electronics and appliances for overseas use, and as specialists in international relocation, 220 Electronics can streamline your overseas move. We have a huge selection of electronics and appliances, specifically designed for 220 volt use. We carry the latest, most popular models from the top brand names around the world, priced to sell at the best prices anywhere. With over 35 years of experience, we have the understanding and the experience to help you choose the proper electronics and appliances for your specific needs.
    It works like this: You contact us for a hassle-free, no obligation consultation. We can discuss the details of your move, what you're interested in purchasing, and what types of options or features you're looking for, including any specific brands you're after. We can then put together a list of the products and models that are best suited to your specifications and provide you with an itemized price sheet. You can view the products online via our website, compare prices with competitors, and add or remove products as necessary. When you're ready to make your purchase, we can help you decide whether to ship your items to you before your move, or whether you'd like us to ship them directly to your destination. If you prefer, we'll even wait until you arrive at your foreign destination before you ship so you can have the peace of mind that you'll be there to receive everything.
    Our goal is to assist you with your move by making the process as simple and efficient as possible. We take the stress out of moving overseas with appliances and electronics. Our returning customer base and view our ratings and reviews prove that we're the best around and deliver satisfaction time and time again.
    What are you waiting for? Get your free relocation consultation today. We'll make your life easier so you can focus on the technical details of your move. We hope to hear from you soon!
    - 220 Electronics

  • Best Home Theater Systems For Expats Offer Worldwide Compatibility

    Sony Multisystem Home Theater

    Have you thought about how you’ll keep yourself entertained at home overseas? If music and movies rank high on your list, you’ll need to consider that your current home theater system probably won’t work abroad.

    Expat Home Theater Systems Combat World Conversion Conflicts Abroad

    Welcome to the confusing world of voltage conversion, foreign video conversion, DVD region codes and Blu-Ray region codes. Click on these links to understand how this world coding system can impact your ability to play your favorite media. For example, a DVD disc from Region 1 (USA and Canada) won’t play on a DVD player from Region 2 (Europe and Japan.) And there are a total of 6 regions worldwide. The good new is, there’s a simple solution to all the confusion.

    Multisystem, Region-Free Home Theater Systems Solve The Problem

    The best home theater systems for expat living are multisystem and region-free for use worldwide. They’re manufactured by top brands like Panasonic, Pioneer, Yamaha, Sony, Samsung, Klipsch, LG and Bose. But they’re not available through most retailers. The model choices and brand selections may be limited (if you can find them at all) in your foreign expat destination. Specialty retailers’ online stores typically ship worldwide. And in many cases, shipping may be free.

    Modern home theater systems require at least one display device and a sound system. Sounds simple, right? But CEPro, a leading trade publication for professionals involved in the custom electronics business, cites these 6 Hot Home Theater Trends for 2016:

    6 Hot Home Theater Trends

    1. Multiple Screens: Gives you more than one viewing option in a media room.
    2. Hybrid Space: Includes family room, game room, media room in a single space.
    3. Social Networking: Post social network updates while watching television.
    4. Networking Media: Internet-connected Blu-Ray Players, Gaming Consoles, Apple TV and other.
    5. Floor Standing Soundbar Speakers: Fills your room with the clearest audio.
    6. Value: Get high performance, feature-rich components at a lower cost.

    The typical expat living scenario may not call for multiple screens. But the trend for creating a "hybrid space" seems pretty spot on, wouldn't you say? And free-standing speakers and soundbars accommodate your flex space better than built-ins. Not to mention you get much higher quality sound from your speakers when they're not enclosed.

    Once you've agreed how to configure your media room, you can focus on how to configure your home theater. Regardless of the sizes and numbers of screens and speakers you choose, there are a few standard features you should make sure you include for the best electronic experience abroad.

    5 Top Standard Features In Home Theater Systems For Expats

    1. Region Free Coding: Plays Blu-Ray DVDs, Standard DVDs and CDs from anywhere in the world.
    2. Multisystem support. (Supports NTSC, PAL, SECAM)
    3. 110-240 volts 50-60 hertz
    4. USB input (Play media from external devices, like your phone or camera.)
    5. HDMI Output (Connect HDMI compatible devices, like a Blu-ray player.)

    Add Smart Features For The "Most Flexible" Media Experience

      • 3D Blu-ray Playback: View 3D movies with special 3D glasses.
      • Wifi Built-in: Avoid the cable clutter with wireless connectivity.
      • Internet Streaming capabilities:  Stream from Youtube, Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, Picasa, Pandora and a multitude more apps.
      • Bluetooth capabilities:  Stream audio wirelessly from your cellular phone, tablet, computer or any other Bluetooth compatible device.
      • Networking Capabilities: Connect external streaming devices like Apple TV or Fire TV. Or gaming consoles like Xbox or PlayStation

    Smart TV

    "By 2019, more than 50% of TV households in Japan, the US, the UK, France and Germany will have smart TVs [ according to IHS]," writes a Broadband TV news correspondent.

    Add Surround Sound & Ultra HD 4K For The "Ultimate" Media Experience

    The butter on the popcorn? Powerful multi-channel surround sound speakers and Ultra HD 4K simulate a live cinema, coliseum or auditorium experience. Home theater systems are “giving way to soundbar/subwoofer systems because they offer an easy way to fill a room with audio,” says Peter Tribeman of Atlantic Technology, an audio engineering company. And according to TechRadar.com, “4K Ultra-High Definition will define the future of television.”  

    When you invest in electronics for expat living, it only makes sense to invest in technologies that are here to stay awhile. Likewise, investing in region-free multi-system components is like buying global insurance. You can take your investment anywhere you go. 

    Don't limit your entertainment choices abroad. Seek the advice of a region-free, multi-system electronics expert before you purchase. Request a free consultation online or call 220 Electronics at 847-640-9000 (International). Dial 877-578-0587 in the U.S.

    View Our Multisystem/Region-Free Home Theaters.

    View Our Multisystem TVs.

  • Voltage Converters for TVs: Moving Overseas

    voltage converters for tvsIf you're getting ready to relocate overseas - either temporarily or permanently - you're undoubtedly facing a lot of decisions when it comes to your belongings. There's a lot to consider, both in regards to your possessions and the cost of replacing them. Should you bring your things with you? Should you buy new things upon arrival? There can be some tough choices to make.
    Often times, people choose to sell their belongings and buy new things when they arrive to their destination country. The reasons for this can be that they're not going to pay for shipping their things overseas, or, that they're already shipping certain important things and don't have the space for anything else. But sometimes, the prices you'd sell your belongings for is exceptionally less, often 20% of what you paid for them new. This is especially true with electronics. You're actually losing money.
    So what do you do if you bought a new 60" Smart TV just 6 months ago and are moving to Japan or the UK? First, you need to take into consideration that both of those countries utilize an electrical voltage of 220 volts, which means that your North American TV (manufactured for use with 120 volts) won't work there. You have two options. You can sell or give your TV away at a huge loss, or you can take it with you.
    But wait, didn't we just mention that your TV won't work overseas? That's correct, but there's a solution. What is it? A voltage converter.
    Voltage converters or voltage transformers as they're often called, allow for the voltage to be converted either up or down, providing a platform to plug in your electronics safely and securely no matter where you are in the world. For example, a step-down converter will step the voltage down from 220 to 110, allowing you to use your 110-volt TV in a 220-volt country. Relatively speaking, it's a simple concept.
    While you may have heard about multisystem TVs, which are also an excellent choice, they're not of much help when you have to fork out another chunk of change for a new TV when you just recently spent over a thousand dollars on one (or maybe much more) less than a year ago. A voltage converter is the cheapest and most effective way to do it. It's financially beneficial and it takes less time to buy one than to sell your TV and buy another.
    Voltage converters for TVs are very common, and rather simple to use. Simply plug your voltage converter into the wall outlet (using the proper plug or plug adapter if needed), set the converter to the proper setting (step-down in our case), and simply plug your TV directly into the voltage converter. It's really that simple.
    So, will you bite the bullet and splurge on a new TV, or will you make the smart decision and spend significantly less for a voltage converter? The choice is yours. For more information on voltage converters, check out our voltage converter buying guide. It will tell you everything you need to know about voltage converters for TVs. While you're there, you can browse our huge selection of voltage converters and make an informed decision on what you're going to do. Safe travels!

  • Moving Overseas: 220 Volt Electronics and Appliances

    220 volt electronics and appliances for overseasIf you're relocating overseas, you're probably no stranger to the fact that it involves a lot of planning and preparation. Aside from dealing with passports, visas, banking and securing a home in a foreign country, you'll still have to furnish your new living space and prepare to make the transition into your new home. One of the most tiresome things about a foreign relocation is the initial adjustments and creating a space that genuinely feels like home. You can expect to spend a good amount of time and money shopping for necessities such as beds, appliances, electronics and more - all of which can be a bit overwhelming in an unfamiliar place. On the other hand, there are options to simplify this process and streamline your transition.
    What many people aren't familiar with is the fact that in different regions the world, a different standard is utilized when it comes to electricity. By now - if you're planning an international relocation - you might be familiar with the voltage issue; if not, read on.
    In the United States and North America, we use a 120-volt electrical standard. This means that the electricity in our homes & businesses is fed to us at 120 volts, and subsequently, all of the electronics sold in North America are designed to operate at 120 volts. In other regions such as Europe or Asia, the standard voltage is 220 volts and all electronics are manufactured to operate at that voltage. To keep the explanation as simple as possible, electronics can only operate at the voltage they were designed for. Any attempt to use an electronic device with a electrical voltage higher or lower than it was designed for will not only damage the device, but pose an immediate risk of electrical shock or fire. In other words, you cannot simply take your electronics with you and use them in any foreign country.
    In order to minimalize the stress and hassle of shopping for appliances and electronics in a foreign country where the prices may be higher and the selection is likely quite limited, it's possible (and much more convenient) to purchase these items in the US with a reputable relocation service that specializes in 220-volt electronics and appliances. When compared to foreign countries, the North American prices will be lower, the selection larger, and they can deliver your purchase directly to your new home overseas at a time that's convenient with your arrival. The end result is that you're able to consult with professionals in your native language, purchase everything you need from a single place, pay a single bill, and arrange for everything you've purchased to arrive at the same time.
    Again, not only will this step help you save a lot of time and stress, but if offers a certain level of relief to know that everything's already been taken care of. Furthermore, you're able to shop for the exact brands and models you like instead of being limited to a rather bland selection. You really can't beat that idea.
    The knowledge and experience of a respected relocation expert will also help to ensure that you have everything you needed to "plug & play" in your destination country. If any plug adapters ro special cables are needed to use your new appliances & electronics, they'll be the first to tell you - and in most cases they will provide those to you for free with any significant purchase.
    Okay, so you've got the idea. You're going to need new electronics and appliances, and you have two options - purchasing them overseas or purchasing them beforehand. Which option should you choose? Let's take a look... Do you speak the native language of your new country? Do you know the area you're moving to well? Are you familiar with the best places to shop for electronics and appliances? Are you okay with taking whatever is available for purchase instead of shopping a broad selection? Do you want to take the risk of being overcharged for inferior products? Are you prepared to be told that the more affordable models are not available and the inventory only consists of the top-dollar products, forcing you to spend more than you intended to? If you answered no to any of these, than your best bet is to make your purchases beforehand.
    So how do you do it? First and foremost you're going to need a reputable company who specializes in 220-volt electronics and appliances and have a proven record in assisting people with overseas relocation. They'll need to be experienced with their products, have a good selection, competitive pricing, and be experienced with global shipping (not to mention well versed in any issues or pitfalls or potential issues with shipping and/or customs that need to be considered for your specific destination). The customer service should also be exceptional if you're going to spend a large sum and entrust them to a timely and proper delivery of your products overseas.
    Where do you find a company like that? Luckily for you, we are a company like that. 220-electronics has over 35 years of experience in assisting people with their international location by providing appliances and electronics that are suitable for any destination in the world. From the initial consultation (which is 100% free and without obligation) to the finalization of your purchase and delivery, we work diligently with our customers to provide the highest level of customer service. Not only are we highly knowledgeable about our vast product inventory but we have experience with helping people relocate in over 150 countries. It's experience like ours that gives you peace of mind and confidence to worry about the more important factors of your move such as transferring your savings to your new overseas bank, selling your home, or completing the paperwork involved for miscellaneous odds & ends; there's a lot of things to take care of, we know.
    Curious about where to start? Give us a call! We offer no-hassle consultations and we carry an enormous inventory of products, all designed to work at 220 volts. From the simple things like TVs and Blu-ray Players to the more serious purchases such as refrigerators or hot water heaters, we stock it all. We carry the top name brands and the newest models so you can ensure the latest technology, regardless of where you're moving. And yes, we will ship everything directly to your doorstep in practically any country around the world. We work with you and we work for you in an effort to provide a smooth, stress-free international move. We have helped thousands to do the same thing over the decades and our experience & reputation speaks for itself.
    Contact us today by calling 877-578-0587, or learn more and view our inventory at 220-Electronics.com from the comfort of your home. We're here to help and we're glad to answer any questions you may have about our products or services. We look forward to hearing from you and we congratulate you on your new adventure!

  • Travelers & Ex-Pats: How to Avoid Problems with Electronics and Appliances

    traveling overseas with electronicsWith an ever-increasing number of people leaving North America to live abroad, the business of international electronics is constantly expanding. Some of these people are ex-pats seeking a better life in a more enjoyable climate, others are relocating to foreign countries for promising career opportunities, and others are simply traveling the globe while working remotely from home thanks to the age of the internet. Whatever the case may be, the growing number of globetrotters has created an increased demand for convenience, compatibility and simplicity in the personal and home electronics industries.
    As any seasoned traveler would likely know, there are many differences in electronics around the world. From compatibility to pricing, you might find yourself in a world of disbelief if you haven't educated yourself on the subject before engaging in international travel or relocation.
    First is the issue of compatibility. To put it simply, most continents (and their respective countries) utilize 220 or 240 volt electricity. This is standard, and is literally double that of the 110 or 120 volt standard in North America. Since the voltage is higher, electronics and appliances designed for use in North America are not compatible. Plugging a 110/120 volt electronic device into a 220/240 volt outlet is truly a recipe for disaster. The internal components cannot handle double the volts that they were designed for and instantaneous failure is quite common, rendering the device useless; it's been "fried".
    A damaged device is, in many ways, the best case scenario. Why? Because it's very possible that an attempt to use a 110/120 device with the incorrect voltage can result in a fire or even electrocution. Let's face it, nobody wants to phone home to touch base with friends or family and have to explain that their house burned to the ground or that they're calling from the hospital because they suffered electrocution. To avoid an undesirable situation like this, it's critical to have one of the following: Electronics intended for use with 220/240 volts, or, a voltage converter that can safely regulate the electricity and allow for the use of your 110/120 volt devices in a 220 volt environment.
    The second issue with foreign countries is one of pricing and availability. If you've been living in the US, surely there is no shortage of personal and home electronics to choose from. Visit any electronics store and you'll probably be overwhelmed with the choices in products due to the multiple models available from a wide-array of competing brands. Additionally, in the US we purchase electronics like it's nobody's business. We have a huge demand and therefor a huge inventory. With China as one of our largest trade partners, we literally have access to practically every brand and model in the world - at very competitive prices. However, even just south of the border in Mexico the prices for electronics are as much as 50% higher. Why? Because Mexico doesn't have the same trade agreements and access as the US and 95% of the electronics in Mexico are shipped in after arriving in the united states. The cost of shipping these products down to distributors in Mexico means the prices increase, and since there are less consumers of expensive electronics, the decreased demand means the prices are higher. This rings true anywhere in many places in the world. Generally speaking, you're going to have a smaller selection and you're going to pay a higher price.
    So what can be done to avoid the stress and confusion of purchasing and using electronics in foreign countries? Well, a little research always helps. However, it's not necessary because there exist specialists in the electronics industry who are devoted to making your life easier when traveling or moving abroad. And guess what - we're one of them!
    220 Electronics has over 35 years of experience in assisting our customers with information and providing the right products for their needs. From the sales of 220 volt electronics and appliances to voltage converters and plug adapters, we have the experience required to make the transition a simple one. We offer free relocation consultations to aid you in making the proper choices for the purchase of electronics and appliances, and better yet, we will even bulk ship your purchases directly to your future location overseas. It doesn't get much easier than that!
    Save yourself time, money and stress by giving us a call today or by visiting our website to see how we can make your transition to a foreign country as smooth as possible.

  • Relocating Internationally? Don't Get the Overseas Blues! Make it Simple; Know Before You Go!

    free international relocation consultationWhether you're temporarily working abroad for an extended period or permanently relocating overseas, there's a lot you need to know before taking the leap.
    While moving overseas can be highly rewarding, it can also be highly stressful from the perspective of preparation and initial adjustment. There is a lot to take care of before departing and it can often be quite overwhelming. From bank accounts and financial responsibilities to living arrangements and transportation, there's many things that need to be arranged in order for you to transition smoothly into a foreign country.
    One of the most overlooked factors with international relocation is the difference in electrical voltage. If you're unaware that different countries operate using different voltage standards, you might be in for a rude awakening upon your arrival.
    In North America, we really never have to consider voltage. You simply buy something and you plug it in. But since the electricity that's delivered in foreign countries often varies in voltage, you'll need to arrive prepared.
    As international relocation specialists, 220 Electronics specializes in ensuring that you're 100% prepared for your international move. Whether you plan to bring your electronics and appliances overseas or purchase new items when arriving, we can simplify the process and eliminate the unnecessary headaches.
    Not only do we have over 30 years of expertise with international relocation for electronics, we also have a complete line of 220 volt electronics and appliances that are specifically designed for use overseas. Often, we can provide a huge savings over making these purchases overseas by offering 220 volt versions of the top brand name appliances that you're used to. Additionally, we can make sure you're properly prepared to utilize and electronics that you're going to bring with you by providing advice on voltage converters and electrical plug adapters.
    Know before you go! Don't waste your money and cause yourself frustration by arriving unprepared. Chances are, there's a lot more to consider with electronics and appliances than you're assuming.
    We're happy to provide you with a no obligation, 100% FREE international relocation consultation that will enable you to understand the differences in voltage, the pros/cons of foreign bought appliances and much, much more. To receive your no hassle, no pressure consultation, simply fill out our FREE RELOCATION CONSULTATION FORM today and one of our specialists will give you a call at your convenience. Learn how to simplify your move today so you can relax and enjoy peace of mind upon your arrival.

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