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  • Voltage Converters for Russia

    voltage converters for russiaRussia is an amazing and very under-rated place to visit. Whether you're there to live, travel abroad, or stay for an extended period, it's important that you know some of the basics of living in Russia. One of the most important things to understand - especially for North American native who plan to stay in Russia - is that Russia uses 220 volt electricity. Russian electronics and appliances are designed specially for 220-volt use.
    If you were to bring along electronics from North America during your visit to Russia, those electronics wouldn't be compatible. In fact, your devices will be quickly damaged by the higher voltage which is almost double of the 120 volts used in North America. To prevent your devices from breaking, burning, melting, or causing dangerous electrical shock, you'll need to have a voltage converter for Russia.
    What is a Voltage Converter for Russia?
    A voltage converter for Russia is a simple and safe device that coverts/transforms the voltage down from 220 volts to 120 volts, allowing you to safely and efectively use your North American electronics (or electronics from any other 120-volt country). All you do is plug the converter into a wall outlet, and then plug your devices directly into the converter. It's simple, safe, and it doesn't cost a lot of money.
    What Type of Voltage Converter do I Need?
    There are many types and sizes of voltage converters for Russia. Some are simple and used for small devices from 100 to 500 watts, while others are available for electronics and appliances up to 10,000 watts. The size and style of converter you'll need depends on the application and how many watts your electronics and appliances use. There are also converters with built-in voltage regulators which are best used for computers and expensive, sensitive electronics. Voltage converters with regulators prevent issues in areas with unstable electricity, frequent power outages, and powerful weather systems that can often knock out power or cause unsafe surges in voltage. To be sure you're getting the exact style and size of voltage converter that you need, visit our voltage converter buying guide today.
    Where Can I Buy a Voltage Converter for Russia?
    Voltage converters can be purchased from a variety of retailers and online stores, but not all products are the same. Additionally, not all retailers understand the details and technical aspects of proper voltage converter use. Your best bet is to make your purchase from a professional electronics store or someone who specializes in electronics and appliances for overseas use. At 220 Electronics, we carry a huge inventory of voltage converters for any application you can imagine. Whether you need to power a TV or all the appliances in your home, we have affordable and effective products that will get the job done. Furthermore, we have converters with a 5-year warranty. No matter what you need, we can help and our experienced staff is always ready to help with any questions you may have.
    With over 35 years of experience in international electronics, we're leaders in our industry. We guarantee the lowest prices anywhere and offer an amazing selection of the top brand names. Join our thousands of satisfied customers today and shop online with confidence, only at 220 Electronics.

  • Voltage Transformers for Germany

    voltage transformers for germanySo what do you do when you're planning to move, retire, or temporarily relocate to Germany? Well, that depends. Generally, you'll need to arrange for airline tickets, hotels and any activities you plan to pursue - but what about your electronics and applicances? Many people venture overseas to foreign countries each year without considering how - or if - they'll be able to use their electronics at their destination.
    Most cellular phone and laptop computer manufacturers design their chargers for use anywhere in the world, however, other household electronics and appliances are not designed for international use. It's important to check the label or voltage information for your electronics before you travel and see what voltage they're rated for. Most devices like electric razors, curling irons and hair dryers are usually only designed for use in the country in which they are sold. In other words, they're not compatible with the electrical voltage used in other countries and will require a voltage transformer for use in Germany. If you think you'll need a voltage converter for Germany, continue reading.
    What is a Voltage Transformer for Germany?
    Voltage transformers perform a simple but very important task - they transform the voltage up or down (depending on the type of transformer) so you can safely use your electronics in foreign countries. For anyone in a country using 120 volts who plans on visiting Germany, a step-down transformer is required in order to use electronics. The step-down voltage transformer cuts the standard 220 volts used in Germany down to 120 volts, meeting the voltage that your electronics were designed for and allowing you to use them without worry.
    What Size Voltage Transformer Do I Need for Germany?
    The size of the transformer depends on the number of watts your device uses. Most cell phones and electric razors use a rather low wattage. People who only plan to travel with these types of personal electronics will usually be fine using a travel voltage transformer. If you plan to bring your laptop, hair dryer, radio, Blu-ray Player or anything similar that uses a higher wattage, you'll need to purchase a step-up voltage transformer that has a wattage which is equivalent (or higher) than the wattage used by your device. For example, to use a curling iron rated at 800 watts, you will need a minimum of 800 watt set-up voltage transformer. It's recommended to use a transformer rated for double the wattage of your devices to protect against power surges or voltage fluctuations.
    Buying a Voltage Transformer for Germany
    For more information on purchasing a voltage transformer for Germany, visit our Voltage Transformer Buying Guide. It will expelling everything you need to know about choosing the proper transformer for your specific needs. You can also learn about foreign plug adapters to ensure you have the proper plug to fit the electrical outlets in Germany and other parts of Europe.
    As specialists in international travel and foreign relocation, 220 Electronics has over 35 years of experience in dealing with electronics and voltage transformers. We also sell a variety of voltage transformers in all sizes, from 50 volts to 25,00 volts. Be sure to purchase your voltage transformer from a reputable seller and be sure you're purchasing the correct size and type to avoid any complications during your travels! Enjoy your trip to Germany.

  • Voltage Converters for Kuwait

    voltage converters for kuwaitAre you going to Kuwait to work live for an extended period? If so, you'll probably want to consider taking a voltage converter along with you. Kuwait uses 240-volt electricity, and your North American electronics are designed for use with 120 volts. This means that Kuwait's voltage is double what your electronics are intended for, and it's not safe to use them without running the risk of fire, electric shock, and damage to your devices.
    A voltage converter - also known as a voltage transformer - literally transforms the voltage either up or down in order to achieve a desired voltage output. For example, in Kuwait where the voltage is 240 volts, you'll need your voltage converter to transform the electricity down to 120 volts so your North American electronics can safely be used. This kind of converter is called a step-down converter. It steps the voltage down from a higher level (240 volts) to a lower level (120 volts). The converter itself is simple to use - just plug it into the wall outlet like any other electronic device. The converter is equipped with outlets where your devices can then be plugged in. The converter then works between your device and the electrical outlet to control the voltage, ensuring that your devices are being powered by the proper voltage they were they were intended to be used with.
    Voltage converters for Kuwait are available in a variety of sizes based on wattage. It’s necessary to have a converter that can handle the wattage of your devices, so it's recommended that you use a converter rated for double the wattage of your devices. For example, for a 900-watt coffee maker, you’ll want to buy a 1,500-watt voltage converter. This ensures proper functionality during prolonged or heavy use, and to prevent any issues with voltage surges or fluctuations. Using that same 900-watt coffee maker with a converter that's only rated for 1000 watts means your converter will be running hard and at full capacity, leading to a shorter lifespan while leaving no buffer for protection against power surges or fluctuations. To learn how many watts you’ll need so you can purchase the proper voltage converter for Kuwait, just check the manufacturers label of your electronics. Normally you'll find a tag on the power cord or a label on the device itself defining the wattage it consumes when operating. If you want to power more than a single device with your voltage converter - such as a Blu-ray player and a TV - you'll need to combine the wattage of each device, then purchase a converter rated for double. If your TV is rated at 400-watts and your Blu-ray player at 75-watts, you have a total of 475-watts. In this situation, a 1000-watt voltage converter is sufficient to keep everything operating safely and securely in all conditions.
    As specialists in international electronics and voltage converters for Kuwait, 220 electronics offers a broad of converters for a variety of applications, from 500 to up to 15,000 watts. Visit our website today and browse our selection of quality converters at our guaranteed low prices. We also carry models with built-in voltage regulators for anyone seeking the ultimate in protection for extremely pricey or sensitive electronics. Our voltage converter buying guide will help you determine exactly which type and model is perfect for your needs. With over 35 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, you can shop our online store with complete confidence. Your voltage converter for Kuwait will help you save time, money, and prevent any damage to your valuable electronics while overseas.

  • Voltage Converters for Korea

    voltage converters for koreaAre you thinking of relocating or traveling to Korea? If you answered yes, you've probably done quite a bit of research on the subject. You might be relocating for business, or maybe you're taking an extended vacation. Whatever your reasons, there's an important factor you may be overlooking - traveling with electronics.
    If you plan to stay for an extended period of time, chances are that you'll be traveling with some sort of electronic devices. From an electric razor or hair dryer to a laptop or digital camera, it's nearly impossible to leave home and travel with out bringing along items that require electricity. Herein lies the problem.
    In Korea, the standard electrical voltage is different from North America. It is delivered at 220 volts, meaning 220 volts is what comes out of a wall socket or outlet. In North America, electricity is delivered at 110 volts. This causes complications and unexpected inconveniences for travelers who bring electronics along and are not prepared for this change.
    When you purchase electronics, voltage is never a concern. This is because electronics are manufactured to operate at the voltage of the country or region on which they are sold. For example, electronics sold in North America are designed to run on a 110 volt electrical standard, while electronics sold in Korea are designed to run on a 220 volt standard. The devices are only intended to function with that specific voltage. In other words, you cannot just take your US purchased Blu-ray Player to Korea and plug it into an outlet to charge - the result could be anything from an immediately ruined player to an electrical fire.
    If this is all news to you, don't worry there's no need for alarm. Thankfully, there are solutions to using electronics overseas, with one of the most convenient being voltage converters. Using a voltage converter for Korea will let you to travel with any and all the electronics you need to be comfortable and productive on your trip.
    A voltage converter is a device that plugs into an electrical outlet and alters the voltage, allowing you power your electronics the same way you would at home. They are safe, relatively inexpensive and very easy to use. The converter itself plugs right into the wall like any other electronic. The required voltage converters for Korea are called a "step-down" converter. By design, it steps the voltage down from 220 volts to 110 volts. On the front of the converter there are outlets for your devices to plug into, which (thanks to the voltage converter) have an output of 110 volts - the same output required to use your electronics properly, safely and without the risk of damage. It's a very simple and convenient way to use your foreign electronics overseas.
    However, there is another factor to using voltage converters and it depends what you're traveling with - wattage. All electrical devices and equipment draw electricity, which is measured in watts. A cell phone charger, clock radio or an electric razor all use a rather low wattage of less than 100 watts. On the other hand, a hair dryer, curling iron or electric blanket draw a much higher wattage - some up to 1,200 watts. If you fail to purchase a converter with a sufficient wattage, you revisit the risk of fire, electrical shock or damage to your devices. To prevent that scenario, it's important to identify the number of watts you'll be using.
    Anything that's electric will have a tag on the cord or a label on itself that states the wattage. For example, a hair dryer purchased in North America may have a label reading 110V, 720 watts. The label is telling you that the product was manufactured to operate at 110 volts, and draws 720 watts. Since you'll be using a converter, the 110V mentioned is not important. The fact that is uses 720 watts is quite important however, because with anything less it will not operate.
    When purchasing a voltage converter for Korea, it's also very important to use the general rule that the wattage of your converter should be 2 to 3 times higher than whatever you'll be using. Certain electronics require a surge of power to start up, or might use a higher wattage if they're on a higher setting. Because of this, it's important that you have a higher voltage than recommended on the label to ensure there is absolutely zero chance of damage or failure of your electronics. Additionally, the extra voltage allows some flexibility should you need to use a secondary device at the same time.
    Ideally, you're going to want to check the electronics you plan to travel with and make a quick, short list of their wattage. If you're bringing a 1,100 watt hair dryer, a 80 watt electric razor, a 190 watt laptop and 650 watt curling iron, you have a total of 2,220 watts. If you planned to use them all in unison you'd need (at least) a 2,500 watt voltage converter - and although it's unlikely you'd use them all at the same time, 2,500 watts is just over double the number of watts used by the hair dryer alone. It's always better to be safe than sorry when determining the wattage of the converter you're going to purchase.
    Please keep in mind that while the voltage is different in other countries, often times so are the outlets themselves. There's a whole slough of different types of electrical sockets around the world. If your voltage converter doesn't come with foreign plug adapters than you'll need to purchase one of those as well, which can be picked up relatively cheap; usually less than $5.
    Now that you've learned about traveling to foreign countries with electronics all you need to do is figure out your wattage and buy a voltage converter for Korea. At 220-electronics, we sell a wide range of voltage converters for use in all foreign countries. We are specialists in international relocation and have over 30 years of experience. Visit our website at www.220-Electronics.com to browse and buy from our complete inventory of voltage converters.

  • Step Up vs. Step Down Voltage Converters

    step up vs step down voltage convertersIf you're moving to another country, traveling overseas, or have electronics or appliances that are not compatible with the voltage in your home, RV or boat - you're going to need to purchase a voltage converter.
    Voltage converters - also known as voltage transformers - are devices that do exactly what the name implies. They convert voltage up or down, making it possible to use electronics and appliances that require a voltage other than what you currently have available.
    There are many reasons for needing a voltage converter, including:
    • Moving overseas with electronics or appliances that were purchased in your home country
    • Traveling overseas for an extended period with electronics
    • Purchasing electronics or appliances from a foreign retailer
    • Using 110 or 120 volt appliances or electronics in a yacht/RV that utilizes 220 or 240 volts
    • Using specialty tools like welders which often use an operating voltage of 220 volts
    Whatever the reason, voltage converters make it easy to use your electronics and appliances at the voltage they were designed to be used with. Attempting to use a device at a higher or lower voltage than it was designed to be used for is dangerous and can damage your device, cause personal injury, and result in a fire.

    Step Up vs. Step Down Converters

    There are two main types of voltage converters available to use, Step-up and step-down. A step-up voltage converter takes the voltage up, allowing 220/240 volt devices to be used with a 110/120 volt electrical outlet. A Step-down voltage converter takes the voltage down, allowing a 110/120 volt device to be used with a 220/240 volt electrical outlet.
    What type of voltage converter do you need? See the examples below.
    Step-up Voltage Converters: Used by people from 220/240 volt countries (most european countries) who are traveling or relocating to North America (or other 110/120 volt country) with their electronics and appliances. Likewise, a step-up voltage converter can be used by anyone in North America who needs to use a 220/240 volt product.
    Step-down Voltage Converters: Used by people from 110/120 volt countries who are traveling or relocating to a 220/240 volt country with their electronics or appliances. Likewise, step-down converters can be used by anyone in a 220/240 volt country who needs to use a 110/120 volt product.
    It's actually quite simple. Step-up converters step your voltage up, while step-down converters step the voltage down. Several years ago when traveling to Europe, I brought a step-down converter with me so I could use my large computer monitor and desktop computer during an extended business stay. I plugged the unit into the 220 volt wall outlet, and it safely stepped the voltage down so I could use my system at the 120 volts it was designed for. It made life easy, and with a power strip connected to the converter I was able to use a few other 120 volt devices I had brought with including my Playstation 3. The converter was easy to use and eliminated any chase of harm or damage to my devices.

    Dual-Purpose Step-up/Step-down Converters

    Some people prefer to have the ability to step the voltage up and down with a single device. These people can purchase a dual-use step-up/step-down converter that is capable of bringing voltage both up or down. The dual functionality of these causes them to cost slightly more, but the difference is negligible if that's what you really need.

    Where to Buy a Voltage Converter

    Voltage converters can be purchased in many places, but it's important to look for a quality product. It's also important to know that the converters are rated in watts, and you need to be sure that the model you purchase is rated for sufficient wattage to handle the devices you're planning on using. Sizes range from a very low 100 volts up to 5,000 volts or more. You can learn exactly how to choose the proper voltage converter here by using our detailed buying guide.
    As specialists in international electronics & appliance use, we sell a complete line of voltage converters for any situation. We have multiple sizes and styles, including converters with voltage regulators to enhanced safety. You can shop our complete inventory here, from the comfort of your home. We guarantee the lowest prices and ship worldwide.
    With over 35 years of experience in international relocation and global electronics, 220-Electronics is a trusted source for consumers all over the world. Our low prices and decades of experience ensure a pleasant purchase experience and the help of a knowledgeable and dedicated staff. Shop our online store with confidence! We have helped end of thousands of customers in the last 5 years alone and we hope that you'll be one of them.

  • Voltage Transformers for Canada

    voltage transformers for canadaCanada is a large, beautiful and exciting country that attracts millions of foreigners each year. Tourists from all over the world visit Canada to enjoy and explore the larger cities as well as the vast expanses of nature. Canada is also a popular destination for many foreigners to live long-term while studying or working due to their relaxed and welcoming foreign policies. If you're planning on studying, working or living long-term in Canada, you'll want to be sure that you're prepared - this includes knowing how to properly use your electronics and personal devices.
    Canada uses 120 volt electricity which is much lower than the 220/240 volt electricity used in Europe. The voltage in Canada is not compatible with electronic devices from 220/240 volt countries because it's much lower and can't sufficiently power 220 volt devices. Furthermore, attempting to use 220 or 240 volt electronics with 120 volt electricity can result in damaged devices, electrical shock, or even a fire. The best way to safely utilize your 220 volt electronics or appliances is by purchasing a voltage transformer.
    Voltage transformers are devices that change the electrical voltage from 220/240 volts down to 120 volts, or from 120 volts up to 220/240 volts. They are convenient, safe to use, efficient, and reasonably affordable. You can use a voltage transformer for Canada to power personal devices that you decide to take along such as curling irons, electric razors, hair dryers, heating blankets and more. You can also use a voltage converter to power major appliances like washers & dryers, refrigerators, blenders and coffee makers, electric ranges, freezers and more. Voltage converters are available in a variety of sizes which are defined by their wattage. For using a TV and Blu-ray Player, a 1,000 watt voltage converter would be sufficient. However, for larger appliances or multiple appliances, a transformer up to 5,000 watts may be necessary. It's important to check your manufacturer's label on your devices to determine their operating voltage and then purchase a transformer with a minimum of 1.5 times the wattage of your electronics. The extra wattage helps to ensure safety and avoid damage in the event of an electrical surge or heavy use for extended periods.
    Not all voltage transformers for Canada are created equal. There are many varieties and brands to choose from and some are definitely better made than others. If you're looking for something that will last, it's best to spend a bit more and purchase something from a reputable retailer who is experienced in dealing with voltage converters and international electronics use. At 220 Electronics, we have over 35 years of experience with international relocation and aiding our customers in choosing the proper appliances and voltage transformers to suit their specific needs. We carry a variety of voltage transformers for Canada and have clients all over the world, including the US Military. Check out our large selection of transformers today and make sure you're getting what you need and deserve for your travels to Canada. Using your electronics and appliances shouldn't be something to worry about and we're happy to help you eliminate that stress with our decades of expertise and experience.

  • Voltage Transformers for United States

    voltage transformer for the united statesWhen you travel to the United States for an extended vacation, a job opportunnity or to permanently relocate, you need to be prepared for using any electronics you may bring along with you. In the United States, the standard voltage is 120 volts. This means all electronics in the USA are designed and sold to be used at this voltage. Electronic devices and appliances from other countries designed for 220 volt electricity are not compatible in the USA, and attempting to use foreign electronics in the US can result in broken or damaged devices, electrocution, or even fire. The simplest way to avoid any problems would be to purchase new electronics and/or appliances in the US, but this isn't always economical. If you want a simple, safe and effective solution, you'll need to purchase a voltage transformer.
    Voltage transformers convert the voltage up or down so you can safely use devices intended for different voltages. For example, a step-down transformer can change voltage from 220 volts down to 120 volts, while a step-up transformer can change the voltage from 120 volts up to 220. Voltage converters have outlets built into them and are used by plugging the transformer into the wall outlet and then plugging your electronics or appliances directly into the transformer itself. It's really no different than using an extension cable or multi-outlet device.
    For those going to the USA from a 220-volt country, you'll need to use a step-up voltage transformer to safely step the 120-volt electricity up to 220 volts for your devices. They're simple and effective to use, not to mention much cheaper than purchasing new electronics or appliances.
    One important thing to note when choosing the proper transformer is to choose one with the correct wattage, which much be sufficient to power your electronics. You'll need to purchase a transformer with a wattage rated for 1.5 to 2 times the wattage of your devices to ensure there are no issues with eletrical surges or fluctuation. For example, using a 500 watt-TV from Europe in the USA will require a 1000 watt voltage converter. A 500-watt TV and a 800-watt blender - if ran on the same transformer simultaneously - would require a converter with approximately 2500 watts to ensure safe functionality of both units.
    It's really quite simple. Voltage transformers are a safe and effective tool to use for international travel and are common with expats, long-term travelers and retirees who go overseas. For more information on choosing the proper voltage converter, visit our voltage converter buying guide.

  • Cyber Week Sales on Electronics, Appliances & Voltage Converters

    cyber week sales at 220 ElectronicsThanksgiving has come & gone. While Black Friday boasts some of the best savings of the year, nothing compares to our Cyber Week Sales at 220 Electronics. We regularly offer a huge selection of Region-Free and Multi-system Electronics at rock bottom prices and we guarantee the lowest prices anywhere, on everything we sell.... However, right now those everyday low prices have been cut even lower through December 4th.
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  • Voltage Converters: Do You Really Need One?

    voltage converters for travelWhile there's plenty of information on voltage converters across the web, the opinions are always varying.. Some say you need them, others say you don't, and even more common are the misconceptions about which type you need and what the proper voltage is. It can be a bit confusing at times and it might get to the point where it's overwhelming. We'd like to make it simple and try to give you an idea of when you do and do not need a voltage converter for traveling.

    When you DON'T need a Voltage Converter or Transformer

    - When you're headed to a country with the same voltage as your home country, you will NOT need to purchase, use or bring a voltage converter along. The important factor here is doing a simple check on what the standard voltage is for your destination country. It really is that easy.
    - When you're bringing nothing more than your laptop, you will also NOT need a voltage converter. Laptop manufacturers understand that people travel and laptops are designed for mobility and the power supplies are designed to work with any voltage.
    - When you have Multi-system electronics, you do not need a converter. Multi-system electronics are usually TVs, stereo systems or components, Blu-ray players and the like. They've been specifically designed to use at any voltage and therefore do NOT require a voltage converter. You can purchase multi-system electronics to avoid the hassle of lugging a voltage converter around and also for ease of use.

    When you DO need a Voltage Converter or Transformer

    - When you're traveling to a destination that has a different standard voltage than your home country and you plan to bring personal electronics or appliances. If the appliances or electronics are not designed for global use, you will ruin them by attempting to use them with the wrong voltage. You also might electrocute yourself, and that's never fun!
    - When you're moving or relocating to another country and want to take your local appliances with you instead of buying new multi-system appliances, or instead of purchasing new appliances at your destination. You'll need to have the proper type of voltage converter to manage the wattage of your appliances and electronics, and you'll need to purchase the converter before you move to ensure your electronics are able to use immediately upon arrival.
    - When you're traveling to an overseas trade-show or business event and will be bringing items for electronic displays such as TVs, large computer monitors, lighting equipment, etc. you WILL need to have a voltage converter. There's nothing more frustrating than showing up and realizing none of your electronics are suitable for the standard voltage in that country.

    What To Do?

    If you're going to need a voltage converter, you can check out our complete selection of voltage converters and voltage transformers here. But before making your purchase, you might want to take a look at our voltage converter buying guide to ensure you're purchasing a suitable unit(s). Alternatively, if you can purchase multi-system electronics that will allow you to avoid the need for a converter. However, this depends on the type of electronics you're using and if it's available with worldwide voltage.
    If your situation is international relocation and it will be long-term or permanent, you'll want to consider saving a lot of money and stress by making the purchase of small & large home appliances BEFORE you move. We stock a complete inventory of 220 volt appliances specifically for this situation and are versed with over 35 years experience in international relocation so don't hesitate to check us out before making any decisions, we offer free relocation consultations with absolutely no obligation.
    Whatever the situation is, we're here to help and have a wide array of products to make your life safer, simpler, and stress free when it comes to traveling with electronics.

  • Utilizing Voltage Converters Overseas

    voltage convertersVoltage converters are simple yet often overlooked products that can made a world of difference for those traveling abroad or relocating overseas. Using foreign electronics can go one of two ways - it can be easy or it can be a serious headache. The path you take is entirely up to you, but we're going to recommend that you take the easy route.

    What is a Voltage Converter and Why Do I Need One?

    A voltage converter is a device that transforms or converts voltage - hence the names voltage converter or voltage transformer. The purpose of a voltage converter is to utilize electronics that were designed to operate at a different voltage (generally these are foreign electronics). They effectively change the voltage either up (from 110 volts to 240 volts) or down (from 240 volts to 110 volts), depending on the type of converter you have. There are two basic types - the Step-down converter and the Step-up converter. Step down converters transform 240 volts down to 110 volts while step-up converters boost the voltage up to 240 from 110. A good example of this would be using North American electronics in Europe - In Europe, the standard voltage is 240 volts so you'd need a step-down converter to use electronics from North America where the standard voltage is 110 volts.

    What About the Size?

    Voltage Converters come in different sizes which are measured by the wattage. Larger appliances (and certain smaller appliances) draw more electricity than others. These require a certain wattage to operate properly and therefor it's important to have a voltage converter that is capable of handling the current.
    For example, a desktop computer uses substantially less wattage than a blowdryer or coffee maker and requires a smaller converter. More information about wattage and choosing the proper converter can be found in or detailed Voltage Converter Buying Guide.

    What Brand Should I Choose?

    There are many brands of voltage converters available on the market. Ideally, you're going to want to look into the product, check reviews and try and choose something with solid construction and a reasonable warranty. International is a brand that offers high-quality voltage converters with a 5 year warranty - the US armed forces are just one of the satisfied customers who rely on the integrity of International Voltage Converters for their rugged durability and outstanding reliability. Check out International's best converters, the Diamond Series Voltage Converters at 220 Electronics.

    How do I Use a Voltage Converter

    Voltage converters are very easy to use. The converter itself plugs into a normal outlet just like any appliance would. The converter has outlets built into it, and this is where you plug your appliances or electronics into. The electricity delivered to your electronics via the outlets on the converter is now adjusted for safe and effective use. If you have a dual use (step-up & step-down) converter, you'll need to make sure the switch is set to the proper output voltage before plugging your electronics in.

    Is There Anything Else I'll Need?

    Depending on where you're located and where you intend to utilize the voltage converter, you might need a plug adapter. The adapter will ensure that you can plug the converter into the local/native outlet since different countries have different outlets. More can be learned about plug adapters in our Voltage Converter Buying Guide.
    Instead of purchasing new electronics or ruining your electronics by using them with the improper voltage, be sure to look into purchasing a voltage converter before traveling abroad. 220 Electronics has a wealth of information as well as a large selection of high quality voltage converters up to 25,000 watts and our staff is glad to assist you in your purchase or with any other questions about traveling or relocating with electronics. Feel free to browse all of our voltage converters today and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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