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Thanks to You, Our Customers...

220 electronicsSince 1979, we have been helping people relocate internationally with electronics and appliances that are functional for their destination. That's almost 35 years of experience. During that time, we've had the chance to meet some interesting people, some great friends and some lifelong customers. It's been an amazing experience that we wouldn't exchange for anything.
With the boom of the internet in the 90's we were able to expand our business, which is now operated almost exclusively via our online store. The worldwide web has allowed us to reach a vast market that spans across practically every country on earth, giving us a chance to offer our products and expertise to places we never would have dreamed of back in 1979.
New technology has allowed us to provide new and innovative products such as region-free players, GSM cellphones, and other cutting edge electronics that appeal to a multitude of new markets. This opportunity exposed itself naturally over time, in addition to our original customer base which was built solely of travelers and those who are relocating. What began as a single niche market has developed into several individual niche markets, each with its own potential for nearly unlimited reach and growth.
Over the years while our business model has developed and streamlined itself we've had to adapt to many changes. These came from both internal and external influences, some of which we had control over and some of which we did not. While we've been able to successfully embrace these changes and continue to expand and improve both our expertise and our inventory, there is one thing that has never changed and never will - our unrivaled level of dedication to the customer.
We've served thousands and thousands of people over the years by providing products and advice that serves their needs. Many of those have been new faces and many are loyal returning customers. Regardless, one thing is certain - each customer is treated with the same level of integrity and importance as the next.
As business owners, we understand that sometimes the unexpected can transpire - and it does. Sometimes this causes an inconvenience to us, while at other times it causes an inconvenience to the customer. However, no matter how challenging the situation may be, we work diligently to rectify the problem in the most timely fashion possible. When a customer is not satisfied or has become inconvenienced due to an error on our part or that of one of our products, we have never hesitated to go above and beyond to ensure they're appeased and treated with the utmost respect and importance.
While many businesses claim that the customer is the top priority, several fail to deliver on that commitment when the time comes. And while we'd never boast that we're the only company in the world who truly cares about our customer, we will boast about the fact that our commitment to the customer is genuine, proven and always practiced to the fullest extent of our capabilities. It is something we take a very authentic sense of pride in, as we know that without you - the customer - our business would be unable to thrive as it has.
As we continue to do business, explore new markets and set new goals, we promise to never compromise our standards of customer service. We will continue to answer your questions, provide expert advice, and offer the best products available at the lowest possible prices that our industry has to offer.
Our commitment to the customer is a commitment to ourselves, our future growth, our expertise and most importantly, your total satisfaction. Thank you for reading and thank you for being a customer. We look forward providing to many, many years of unparalleled products and services.
220 Electronics