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Traveling with Electronics: Voltage Converters for Africa

voltage converters for africaAre you planning to travel abroad, relocate or vacation to Africa in the near future? If you're from North America, you should be aware that the electrical system there operates at a different voltage and you'll need to be properly prepared before embarking on your trip.
In Africa, the standard electrical voltage is 220 Volts, which applies to the whole continent. However, in North America, the standard voltage is 110 Volts. On both continents, consumer electronics are specifically designed and manufactured to work with the native electrical voltage. This means that North American electronics are designed to operate with a 110 (or 120) Volt electrical system, while electronics in Africa are designed to operate with a 220 (or 240) Volt electrical system.
What this means is that North American electronics cannot be used in Africa and African electronics cannot be used in North America. The difference in voltage will either be too low to efficiently power the electronics, or too high for the device to handle. Attempting to plug-in or operate electronics devices in a foreign environment where the voltage differs can result in damage to your electronics, fire, and even electrocution.
What you'll need to do in order to properly and safely use your electronics in Africa is purchase a voltage converter. A voltage converter is a device that plugs into the wall and converts the voltage from 220 volts down to 110 volts and has its own electrical outlets built into it, where you can plug-in and use your electronics devices safely, without worry.
There are many different types and models of voltage converters, depending on where you're traveling. They also come in different sizes which are rated by the wattage they can handle. The size of the converter you'll need to purchase depends on the wattage that your electronics require to operate. Higher wattage electronics will naturally require a higher wattage voltage converter to be used safely without the risk of damage or injury.
For more information on how to choose the proper voltage converters for Africa, please visit our voltage converter buying guide. It contains all the necessary information needed to identify the proper type of converter you'll need, as well as the size. You'll also learn about the different plugs and sockets which vary from country to country and how you can be prepared with foreign plug adapters.
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