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Unleash Your Blu-ray Player with the Sony Entertainment Network

sony entertainment networkIf you own a Sony Blu-ray Player or are in the market for a region-free Blu-ray system, there's no better value right now than Sony. Not only do they deliver top of the line audio/video performance, they've also put together the Sony Entertainment Network - an amazing lineup of free apps and streaming media that are available to enhance your home theater experience.
From games and news to humor and cult movie channels, there's a wide variety to choose from and best of all, many apps are free! Packed with both video and music applications, The Sony Entertainment Network allows you to log in with one account to access your favorite apps both at home and on the go. Once you've signed up for a free account, you can also access Sony's Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services.
Video Unlimited operates similar to an On-Demand cable service, allowing you to purchase or rent downloadable content from a huge list of movies, tv shows and specialty programs. If you have a Sony Blu-ray Player, the Video Unlimited Service is a streaming product
The Music Unlimited provides access to millions of songs in their global catalog and dozens of add-free channels to stream your favorite tunes with no annoying ads. There are two levels of Music Unlimited Service - Basic ($3.99) and Premium ($9.99). Both offer a feature similar to many of the most popular streaming audio platforms that delivers music catered to your specific tastes. Additionally, the service has the ability to scan existing audio files from your devices to determine similar music that suites your tastes. Premium users have the ability to create and manage playlists, plus access even more premium audio channels.
If you're curious about flexibility, have no worries - the Music Unlimited Service is available on the SOny Tablet, Android tablets and Android mobile phones, Sony PS3, Bravia Televisions, Sony internet TV, and PCs. No matter where you are or what device your using, you can quickly and easily access, modify and listen to your favorite music with ease.
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