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Voltage Converters for Asia: What You Need To Know

voltage converters for asiaSo you're traveling, moving or relocating to an Asia and you're pretty sure you have everything figured out. But what about electronics and appliances? If you're traveling, this question is usually not as important as if you're moving there - but nonetheless it can still be very important.
Asian countries all run on 220/240 volt electricity. This means that if you're coming from the Americas or another 110/120 volt country, your appliances and electronics are not compatible with the voltage used in Asia. The electronics and appliances you own are designed to function only at the local voltage where they are sold, and therefore are basically useless to you overseas. While laptop computers generally use power adapters suited for any voltage, other electronics and appliances purchased in the Americas such as TVs, stereos & radios, and even blowdryers and electric razors are made to work with 120 volts. Attempting to use these items with the higher voltage of 220 or 240 volts is enough to ruin or melt your electronics, start a fire, or even cause electrocution - none of which you really want to deal with.
Many times, people think that all they need is an adapter that allows their power cord to be compatible with the foreign electrical outlet, but that isn't always the case. Unless you're using a device that's specifically designed for worldwide use, you're going to need a voltage converter. The voltage converter will plug into the outlet and safely reduce the voltage for you so that your electronics can be used without hazard or worry. There are different types and sizes of converters available depending on your needs. These range from simple travel converters for small personal electronics to converters capable of working with large appliances that draw much more electricity, such as washers & dryers.
Now, if you're just going to be taking a vacation, chances are that you're probably not traveling with your microwave or a refrigerator and a simple travel converter will be sufficient. On the other hand, if you're moving overseas with appliances from the US or another 110/120 volts country, you're definitely going to need voltage converters. The size or number of them will depend on what you're bringing along, and you can learn more about how to determine your needs with this voltage converter buying guide. It explains all the things you'll need to understand to purchase the correct voltage converter for Asia.
There are also a couple other options available to you. You can always purchase new appliances overseas, and avoid the hassle of moving your things. Additionally, you can purchase appliances specifically made to work in Asia before you even leave - which can allow you a larger selection and better pricing. Then those items can be shipped to your destination. It all depends on your situation and your personal needs.
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