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Voltage Converters for New Zealand

voltage converters for new zealandAre you traveling for an extended period or relocating permanently to New Zealand? If so, you should consider what you're going to do about using electronics. While there might be other things to consider before a long trip or a big move, it's noteworthy to recognize that the standard voltage in New Zealand is 220 volts. In North America, all electronics are designed to operate on 120 volts and will not work overseas, which means you can't just take your electronics along with you and expect them to work. Doing so can result in damage to your belongings, the risk of fire, or even electrocution.
Thankfully, there are a couple options available to make things easier. The first is purchasing a voltage converter or voltage transformer. These devices are basically used as a mediator for voltage - they plug into the wall outlet and lower the voltage from 220 to the acceptable 120 volts that your electronics require. Your electronics plug directly into the converter and can be used safely and efficiently. There are many different sizes and styles of voltage converters, and depending on their wattage capacity they can be used for simple items or large appliances such as washers and dryers. The proper type of converter used for North American appliances & electronics in New Zealand is a Step-down converter, as it steps the electricity down to 120 volts.
The second option is to purchase 220 volt appliances, which can be accomplished before arriving in New Zealand. Instead of shopping in unfamiliar places and trying to quickly fill an empty home with appliances where the selection may be very limited and the prices may be higher, you can shop online for 220 volt appliances and find excellent pricing and the availability to ship your purchases directly to your destination. This method saves much money and hassle over trying to shop for everything after arriving in a foreign country.
The best choice to make depends on your needs. If you only have a small amount of items, a voltage converter might be sufficient for using those items. However, if you're planning to furnish your home with a refrigerator, stove/oven, washer & dryer, small appliances and other electronics such as a home theater, the best route to take is purchasing 220 volt products before leaving.
At 220 Electronics, we have a huge selection of voltage converters for New Zealand. From 500 watts to 25,000 watts, we have exactly what you're looking for. You can view all of our voltage converters here, or, learn more about choosing the proper converter for your application by utilizing our voltage converter buying guide.
We also offer a complete selection of 220 volt home electronics and appliances, including multi-system televisions and home theater components such as blu-ray players that feature dual voltage and are capable of operating at boy 120 or 220 volts. With the guaranteed lowest prices and free international relocation consultations, you've got nothing to lose by visiting our website at 220-Electronics.com and seeing how we can help make your travels cheaper and less stressful. Ask us about our voltage converters for New Zealand or how we can assist with choosing the proper 220 volt appliances and we'll be glad to help. With over 35 years experience, you're in good hands!