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Voltage Converters: Do You Really Need One?

voltage converters for travelWhile there's plenty of information on voltage converters across the web, the opinions are always varying.. Some say you need them, others say you don't, and even more common are the misconceptions about which type you need and what the proper voltage is. It can be a bit confusing at times and it might get to the point where it's overwhelming. We'd like to make it simple and try to give you an idea of when you do and do not need a voltage converter for traveling.

When you DON'T need a Voltage Converter or Transformer

- When you're headed to a country with the same voltage as your home country, you will NOT need to purchase, use or bring a voltage converter along. The important factor here is doing a simple check on what the standard voltage is for your destination country. It really is that easy.
- When you're bringing nothing more than your laptop, you will also NOT need a voltage converter. Laptop manufacturers understand that people travel and laptops are designed for mobility and the power supplies are designed to work with any voltage.
- When you have Multi-system electronics, you do not need a converter. Multi-system electronics are usually TVs, stereo systems or components, Blu-ray players and the like. They've been specifically designed to use at any voltage and therefore do NOT require a voltage converter. You can purchase multi-system electronics to avoid the hassle of lugging a voltage converter around and also for ease of use.

When you DO need a Voltage Converter or Transformer

- When you're traveling to a destination that has a different standard voltage than your home country and you plan to bring personal electronics or appliances. If the appliances or electronics are not designed for global use, you will ruin them by attempting to use them with the wrong voltage. You also might electrocute yourself, and that's never fun!
- When you're moving or relocating to another country and want to take your local appliances with you instead of buying new multi-system appliances, or instead of purchasing new appliances at your destination. You'll need to have the proper type of voltage converter to manage the wattage of your appliances and electronics, and you'll need to purchase the converter before you move to ensure your electronics are able to use immediately upon arrival.
- When you're traveling to an overseas trade-show or business event and will be bringing items for electronic displays such as TVs, large computer monitors, lighting equipment, etc. you WILL need to have a voltage converter. There's nothing more frustrating than showing up and realizing none of your electronics are suitable for the standard voltage in that country.

What To Do?

If you're going to need a voltage converter, you can check out our complete selection of voltage converters and voltage transformers here. But before making your purchase, you might want to take a look at our voltage converter buying guide to ensure you're purchasing a suitable unit(s). Alternatively, if you can purchase multi-system electronics that will allow you to avoid the need for a converter. However, this depends on the type of electronics you're using and if it's available with worldwide voltage.
If your situation is international relocation and it will be long-term or permanent, you'll want to consider saving a lot of money and stress by making the purchase of small & large home appliances BEFORE you move. We stock a complete inventory of 220 volt appliances specifically for this situation and are versed with over 35 years experience in international relocation so don't hesitate to check us out before making any decisions, we offer free relocation consultations with absolutely no obligation.
Whatever the situation is, we're here to help and have a wide array of products to make your life safer, simpler, and stress free when it comes to traveling with electronics.