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Voltage Transformers for United States

voltage transformer for the united statesWhen you travel to the United States for an extended vacation, a job opportunnity or to permanently relocate, you need to be prepared for using any electronics you may bring along with you. In the United States, the standard voltage is 120 volts. This means all electronics in the USA are designed and sold to be used at this voltage. Electronic devices and appliances from other countries designed for 220 volt electricity are not compatible in the USA, and attempting to use foreign electronics in the US can result in broken or damaged devices, electrocution, or even fire. The simplest way to avoid any problems would be to purchase new electronics and/or appliances in the US, but this isn't always economical. If you want a simple, safe and effective solution, you'll need to purchase a voltage transformer.
Voltage transformers convert the voltage up or down so you can safely use devices intended for different voltages. For example, a step-down transformer can change voltage from 220 volts down to 120 volts, while a step-up transformer can change the voltage from 120 volts up to 220. Voltage converters have outlets built into them and are used by plugging the transformer into the wall outlet and then plugging your electronics or appliances directly into the transformer itself. It's really no different than using an extension cable or multi-outlet device.
For those going to the USA from a 220-volt country, you'll need to use a step-up voltage transformer to safely step the 120-volt electricity up to 220 volts for your devices. They're simple and effective to use, not to mention much cheaper than purchasing new electronics or appliances.
One important thing to note when choosing the proper transformer is to choose one with the correct wattage, which much be sufficient to power your electronics. You'll need to purchase a transformer with a wattage rated for 1.5 to 2 times the wattage of your devices to ensure there are no issues with eletrical surges or fluctuation. For example, using a 500 watt-TV from Europe in the USA will require a 1000 watt voltage converter. A 500-watt TV and a 800-watt blender - if ran on the same transformer simultaneously - would require a converter with approximately 2500 watts to ensure safe functionality of both units.
It's really quite simple. Voltage transformers are a safe and effective tool to use for international travel and are common with expats, long-term travelers and retirees who go overseas. For more information on choosing the proper voltage converter, visit our voltage converter buying guide.