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Watch Any DVD from Anywhere in the World for $44.99

international region free dvd playerIf you're really into movies, chances are that you've already heard about region-free DVD and Blu-ray players. They are players that have been modified to play discs from other regions, read PAL and NTSC format and work with any electrical voltage from 110 to 240 volts.
Usually a region-free player costs more than the manufacturers model because it's been modified and improved which means time, labor and additional components have been required. Depending on the brand and model, you could end up paying from $20 up to $200 more for a region-free version of a player. While the extra cost is a worthwhile investment, sometimes all you're looking for is the region-free capabilities; and this is exactly why we have the International HDMI 1080p DVD Player.
The International HMDI 1080p is a region-free DVD player that offers the same great luxuries as the high-end models at a mere fraction of the cost. Being in the electronics industry, we understand that a lot of people want a way to watch movies from other regions without being forced to spend a small fortune on a region-free player. That simple fact is what motivated us to make a player that's reliable, affordable, and most importantly does the same thing as the players that costs hundreds more. And we did.
The International HDMI 1080p DVD Player is a region-free model that will play DVD's from any region of the world, guaranteed. It features a built-in PAL to NTSC converter allowing it to be compatible with TV's overseas, as well as worldwide voltage which means it will work in any country, no matter what voltage is used. It also comes with a wonderful 1 year parts, 90 days labor warranty and a 100% money back guarantee. Best of all, it's only $44.99!
On top of the immediately apparent value of this player having all of the best region-free modifications at such a low cost, it has a few important common features also. These include:
1080p Up-conversion
HMDI output
Component/Coaxial Output
USB input for video, audio or photo playback
DivX/AVI Format from DVD, CD or USB
5.1 Channel RCA Audio for Surround Sound
Dolby Digital/DTS
Analog 2-channel stereo
Media card slot for MS/MMC/SD Cards
…and more!
We're the only ones in the industry offering a quality Region-Free DVD Player with HDMI & 1080p for just $44.99, and that's a fact. We also have a $40 silver model, the International Model 102 which is only $35.00 but doesn't support HDMI and 1080p Up-scaling.
Either way, if you're after a region-free player that offers maximum functionality at the absolute lowest price available, look no further. Visit our website to check out our International Brand Region-Free DVD Players right now!