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Where to buy Region B Blu-Ray Movies

region b blu-ray moviesIf you're like the rest of us, you'll probably want to take full advantage of your region-free Blu-Ray player. One thing this entails is the acquisition of foreign titles, some of which may not be available for purchase in the United States and other countries. After realizing that most online stores don't bother to clarify the Blu-Ray region codes, we've done some research and posted a list containing a few of the best sources for where to buy Region B Blu-ray movies. So read on, and then go take a look for yourself. Who knows what you might find out there! You just might stumble upon something really cool.

Where to Buy Region B Blu-ray Titles

Zavi.com offers a large selection of region B Blu-Ray discs (over 270 titles) and DVD's at fair prices. They also have some 2 for $12 titles and they ship practically anywhere in the world. Shipping to the US is $.99 per title as of now.
TheHut.com sells a variety of items at their website, but they also have a pretty impressive list of Region B Blu-Ray Discs. The Hut also offers certain titles at 2 for $12 and has a nice selection of box sets and 3D titles. Offering Worldwide shipping.
Play.com has many categories of Region B Blu-Ray discs for sale including some decent science fiction and horror titles. The website also has a clearance section as well as a pre-order chart. International shipping is available. Check them out!
At SainsburysEntertainment.co.uk, you'll find a very large selection of some really good Region B Blu-Ray titles. They also offer a huge pre-order list, some titles starting at $5 and quite a few rare ones. Unfortunately, they do not ship outside the United Kingdom, but if you're in the UK, you'll definitely want to bookmark this one!
DVD.co.uk has a plentiful selection including some hard to find and specialty titles such as 'Shaun of the Dead: Universal 100th Anniversary Edition - Steelbook'. Check them out today, worldwide shipping is available.
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