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Where to find Movies for Region-Free Blu-ray Players

region free blu-ray and dvd discsSo you've purchased your Region-free Blu-ray Player, now what? You have quite a few viewing options at your disposal, depending on the reason you've purchased the player. Generally speaking, most people fall into one of the following categories.
1. Those looking to play discs from a specific single region other than their own.
2. Movie lovers who have seen titles available in other regions and want to be able to purchase and watch those titles in their own home.
3. Those who already own discs from another region and wanted to be able to watch them.
Whatever your reason may be, it's highly probable that you've already found a source for purchasing movies from other regions. However, there are a few very good retailers out there who you may have not heard of. While there are plenty of overseas websites where you can buy Blu-ray and DVD discs coded for a specific region, most of them don't offer discs from all regions. In other words, there are only a handful of decent websites catering to people who want to browse discs from all regions of the world.
You can thank us later - Here is one of the best, most unique sites who offer hard-to-find Blu-ray and DVD discs from other regions. That is, assuming you're into horror, Kung-Fu, cult favorites and odd documentaries.
Who: www.DiabolikDVD.com
What they sell: DiabolikDVD specializes in "demented discs from around the world". They sell DVDs from all over the world including the UK, Russia, Hong Kong, Europe, Japan, Australia, etc. The inventory includes discs from both NTSC and PAL formats, DVD Regions 1-6, and Blu-Ray Discs.
These guys carry some really cool titles. If you're truly into movies and checkout their website, we guarantee you'll find a few things that you simply must have. While you probably won't find (actually, we guarantee you won't find) the latest release of Transformers or Sex and the City, you can rest assured that they'll have those rare movies that nobody else has. If they don't have it, they can get it for you; Just ask them.
Why buy from them: This small business keeps things simple, has an amazing inventory, phenomenal customer service, and as their website says "We care about you and we are active members of the film community." Not to mention the fair prices, speedy global shipping and an constantly changing inventory. Enough Said.
Go check these guys out right now and buy yourself a few DVD's or Blu-ray discs from other regions. Explore the world of cinema from the comfort of your own home, and hopefully, in HD with surround sound.